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The ISBM Pulse content library contains archived copies of previous member meeting presentations, webinars, courses, articles/reports, and a multitude of other knowledge. This material is freely available for our ISBM members.

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Book: Grow the Pie

The book, ‘Grow the Pie, by London Business School Professor of Finance Alex Edmans, sets apart the concept of ‘growing the pie’ from the notion of ‘splitting the pie’. The latter suggests that anything a company gives to stakeholders such as increased wages, price reduction, or a better treatment of the environment lowers company profit. A ‘splitting the pie’ approach results in friction, and a trade-off focus. An alternative is the ‘grow the pie’ approach. The main idea is that if companies deliver value to stakeholders, this will actually benefit investors.

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Should a B2B Firm Have a Customer on the Board of Directors? (Bommaraju et al.)

One way to gain insight into their customers’ needs is to invite customers to have a seat on the board of directors. Based on a sample of 329 B2B firms in S&P 900 firms over nine-year period (2007-2015), Bommaraju et al. (2019) concluded that having a customer on the board of directors enhances customer orientation of firms and provides unique insights, especially when demand uncertainty is high.

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Modern Business Models

This article, focusing on AI, platforms, and network effects, distinguishes between products that are “like air” (that one needs continuously and is critical for survival) versus “like hair cuts” (that one needs only once in a while and can do without). The authors describe the notion of a ‘modern business model’, and demonstrates how these companies are more resilient. 

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The Relative Influence of Economic and Relational Direct Marketing Communications on Buying Behavior in B2B Markets (Kim and Kumar)

B2B firms spend significant resources in direct marketing to manage their customer relationships. Firms should understand how customers evaluate these organizational marketing communications, which ultimately affect their buying behaviors. Based on four years of customer relationship management data of a Fortune 500 B2B service firm, Kim and Kumar (2018) built a model that aids B2B firms to strategically allocate marketing resources across economic and relational value messaging.

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The Digital Transformation of Buyer/Supplier Dynamics

Our own Stefan Wuyts – Director of the ISBM and Full Professor of Marketing – was recently interviewed by on digitalization. The interview covers online platforms, buying groups, and the future (if any) of tradeshows. Whatever the future holds – the B2B buying process will be very different in the future. 

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B2B Research Webinar August 13 2020

B2B Research Webinar Series – Implementing Marketing Strategy Changes: Minimizing Channel Partners’ Negative Responses (Divya Anand)

This presentation is from one of the ISBM 2019 Doctoral Support Competition Winners, Divya Anand from the University of Missouri. Her research work is titled “Implementing Marketing Strategy Changes:  Minimizing Channel Partners’ Negative Responses”. During this 1 hour webinar, the presenter discusses their research for about 30 minutes. Then, a discussant spends 10-15 minutes providing feedback on the research, followed by Q&A. The session discussant is Johanna Slot from Penn State University.

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Challenging Organizational Assumptions

Assumptions are a barrier to new thinking or new solutions though – and that makes assumptions ineffective. How can an organization uncover – and, more important – challenge its assumptions? It is a necessary process, as untested assumptions may lead decision making astray. 

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Customer Service in an Uncertain World

The level of trust in the government, organizations, traditional and social media has never been lower. As a result, when interacting with customer service representatives, customers may be emotionally charged. Research in language use in service interactions may help to build customer trust and confidence even in these uncertain times. 

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The Temporary Marketing Organization (Hadida, Heide, and Bell)

As marketing departments are shrinking and CMO tenures are getting shorter, marketers are increasingly relying on temporary marketing organizations to meets objectives with immediate impacts. However, temporary marketing organizations’ outcomes exhibit high variance. Thus, Hadida et al. (2019) propose a conceptual framework to guide firms in determination of the most appropriate selection and enforcement mechanisms depending on the form of temporary marketing organization.  

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Leading Diversity: Listening and Learning Come Before Strategy

This episode of the Knowledge@Wharton podcast deals with diversity. It offers interesting interview with Rohini Anand – former senior vice president of corporate responsibility and global chief diversity officer at Sodexo. At the other side of the table we hear Stephanie Creary – Wharton management professor specialized in identity and diversity.

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