At The Institute for the Study of Business Markets, we make staying ahead of the curve our business. We work with the best of the best: world-renowned B2B marketing academics, and highly successful executives who know how to translate a marketing program into a healthy balance sheet. Together, we research the trends, translating our findings into professional development programs, and delivering them to you in ways that best support your individual business needs. We focus only on B2B, so we understand you and what will propel you to the next level.  



At the ISBM, we know that one size does not fit all. Which is why our curriculum is designed to close your gaps with a variety of approaches. We work with you to deliver workshops that will help drive your B2B business forward.

ISBM B2B Mastery Curriculum


Learn the language, tools, and concepts of effective B2B Marketing

Gain Mastery

Learn Insights and Applications to enrich your analysis and refine your decision making


Take a deeper dive on specific topics that may not apply to every business model

Analyze & Define

Market Opportunities & Value Propositions

  • Value Proposition Development
    • Apply a proven framework in developing value propositions and refine each VP element in line with needs-based segmentation.
  • Voice of the Customer
    • Learn and apply a proven process to collect, analyze, and draw insight from customer needs as input to new product development
  • B2B Marketing Foundations
    • Learn the process and tools to build a winning market strategy, including customer and competitive analysis, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and core marketing planning decisions.
  • Segmenting B2B Markets
    • Learn how to define and select macro- and micro-market segments to more effectively launch new products and relaunch existing ones for profitable growth. Topics include selecting segmentation variables, collecting needed data, and aligning marketing and sales resources for implementation.
  • Marketplace Insights
    • Learn how to build an insight-driven culture and skills to go beyond analysis to developing insights and articulating how they are relevant to current and future strategies.
  • Value Chain Economics
    • Overview Understand value throughout the value chain and how your offering ultimately delivers value to all customers at all levels.   B2B companies typically face complex value chains with multi-step distribution, installers, resellers and end-users as well as regulators and other influencers.  They may even be experiencing competing value chains as e-commerce and everything ‘as a […]


Product and Value Delivery Systems

  • Value and Pricing Strategy
    • Explore pricing strategies to extract value through understanding of customer value, market and price dynamics, and competitive and industry cycles.
  • Winning at New Products
    • Examine best practices in New Product Development and distinguishing success factors including generating new ideas, developing the business case, and selecting, promoting and killing projects.
  • Customer Experience Strategy and Journey Mapping
    • Discover how to design and develop a roadmap for a Customer Experience aligned with growth strategies.
  • New Product Blueprinting
    • Interpret how to align product development efforts with customer needs. This program is offered on-site for members and includes series of workshops that follow real projects through creation through execution of a project roadmap.
  • Becoming An Effective Marketing Leader
    • Make connections between strategic goals and your personal strengths to develop your leadership style. Increase your impact in your organization as you lead through influence and strategic guidance.
  • Innovation Strategy and Portfolio Management
    • Picking the right development projects and platforms to invest in is at the heart of successful product innovation.But effective project selection or portfolio management hinges on having a clearly defined and articulated product innovation and technology strategy for your business. It begins with goals for product innovation and how innovation ties into your business goals.
  • Beyond Stage Gate
    • The latest thinking and methods that leading firms are building into the way they do product development and get new products to market. Includes topical issues such as Agile Development for manufacturers; accelerating the development & launch process; making the idea-to-launch system more flexible and adaptable; iterative Development, and much more.
  • The Role of Brand in B2B
    • Enhance your knowledge to align the brand message with market opportunities, segment strategies, and value propositions.


Communicate, Deliver and Manage Value

  • The Art of Selling
    • Experience the essential interpersonal and sales call planning, preparation, and management skills of highly effective consultative sales professionals.
  • Integrated Marketing Communication in a Digital World
    • OVERVIEW The digital transformation has forever changed how we do marketing and has rewritten the rules and foundational principles that have guided marketing for decades.  This course addresses how to survive and thrive as a B2B Marketer in a post-digital world. Recommended for:   All B2B Marketing and Marketing Communication Leaders, Practitioners, and their cross functional […]
  • Sales Leadership and Management
    • AN ISBM PARTNER COURSE OVERVIEW Sales Excellence Institute (SEI) faculty have developed a comprehensive knowledge base of sales and sales management competencies and best practices to be shared with the program participants so that they can appraise, compare and perfect their sales performance within their own competitive environments. Recommended for:   New marketers as well […]
  • Modern Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Effective Lead Generation
    • Learn best practices and tools for effective digital marketing including inbound marketing, websites, SEO, social media, and email marketing in the B2B environment
  • Personal Brand
    • OVERVIEW In this workshop you will learn to develop and communicate a personal brand that aligns with your values, strengths, and styles; the organization’s goals; and your vision. Increase your self-awareness and connect your off-line and on-line expression to create your intended impression. Advise or assist others in communicating their brand. Recommended for:   Marketing […]
  • The Science of Selling
    • OVERVIEW In this workshop you will explore the key elements of the science of selling. The significance of sales pipelines, strategic territory analysis by building sale plans and the key steps to being successful in a sales role. Recommended for:   This is a Gain Mastery B2B Marketing concept and workshop, appropriate for marketing professionals […]
  • Channel Strategy and Routes to Market
    • OVERVIEW  One critical component of value creation for customers that is often overlooked is how customers want to buy.  The ability to make its products and services available to customers at the right place and time is a key source of explosive value and the purview of marketing channel strategy.  This workshop reviews frameworks and […]
  • Negotiation
    • OVERVIEW Negotiation is not so difficult when you know the parameters for success! This seminar will explore the seven stages of negotiation and reinforce how communication plays a role in the success of any negotiation. Participants will briefly explore the concepts of problem identity, the other persons perspective, solution generation, and seeking the win-win. Intriguing […]
  • Remote Selling Excellence
    • OVERVIEW Remote Selling Excellence leverages key principles of Ascension’s renowned Purposeful Selling program which has provided a proven training discipline to hundreds of companies all over the world. The main goal of Remote Selling Excellence is to train inside sales teams who do not have the ability to engage face-to-face with prospects to build rapport […]
  • B2B Marketing Plan Execution and Alignment
    • OVERVIEW In this workshop, you will learn how to translate a marketing strategy into an integrated execution game plan that advances marketing strategy/plan execution from its current state to a level of Execution Mastery. Recommended for:   Marketing (and other) leaders with oversight responsibility for execution. Marketing (and other) managers leading day-to-day execution. Individuals in […]

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