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Becoming An Effective Marketing Leader


In this workshop you will explore the connections between your organization’s strategic goals, your personal goals, and your strengths to develop and articulate your unique leadership style. Learn to increase your impact and effectiveness as a leader by purposefully leveraging your strengths and aligning your behavior with your strategic priorities.

Recommended for:  

Marketing leaders and professionals who want to increase their impact in the organization.

This workshop is appropriate for those new to people management roles, as well as those who want to develop a more effective leadership style.


2-day interactive workshop that builds on pre-work (CliftonStrengths™) and includes learning and application of tools with review and feedback


  • Connect your unique strengths as a leader to action plans to achieve your strategic goals.
  • Better integrate managing the business and managing people to increase your effectiveness as a leader.
  • Quickly develop tactics for addressing conflict and challenges that leverage your strengths.


  • Your strengths as a leader, based on CliftonStrengths™. Recognizing your style by increasing your self-awareness as a leader.
  • Connect business goals to personal strengths and develop effective approaches to removing barriers to success.
  • Leadership Styles, Boss vs manager, Managing the business vs managing the people. Leadership literacies for the future..
  • Articulating your style as a leader to drive change and growth in your organization