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Change Management for Growth


This workshop is designed for marketing leaders who want to accelerate change in their organization in response to market opportunities. You will analyze the connections between market opportunity, strategic goals, and organization competency and culture to define and prioritize barriers to success. Through understanding and application of change management models, you will outline a plan to accelerate change.

Recommended for:  

Marketing leaders and professionals who are responsible for creating change in the organization. Marketing professionals who lead primarily through influence, rather than direct reporting relationships.


1-day interactive workshop, mixing learning and application of tools with review and feedback.


  • Articulate the links between your market opportunities, growth strategy, and organization norms and practice.
  • Identify barriers to success in marketing initiatives associated with organization competencies, culture, and processes.
  • Develop change management plans to serve as the basis of your execution plan.


  • Alignment between market opportunities, strategic goals, and business plans. Creating and leveraging competitive advantage.
  • Organization culture and capabilities, their impact on competitive advantage and goal achievement, and the resulting gaps.
  • Change Management models for achieving growth.
  • Planning for change to close gaps and remove barriers to success.