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Customer Experience Strategy and Journey Mapping


Discover how to design and develop a roadmap for a Customer Experience aligned with growth strategies.

Recommended for:  

Marketing, sales, technology, and product management professionals responsible for communicating the brand message to customers

Marketing managers, directors, and leaders responsible for making brand decisions and directing investments in winning and retaining customers.

Communications or marketing professionals responsible for developing and executing marketing plans for a branded portfolio of products/services.


2-day interactive workshop mixing learning and application of tools with review and feedback.


Leading B2B marketers know the new battleground in competitive markets is the holistic customer experience, or CX. The time is past when companies can simply “market and sell” their way to continued success.  The new route to organic growth is driven by delivering a winning experience across every touchpoint in the customer journey.  Each interaction that takes place from innovation, to contact, to delivery, and to reorder should be designed and cultivated to meet customer’s needs with care and purpose.

This course will leave your teams with the knowledge and best practices for crafting a Customer Experience Strategy and Plan. Topics and best practices covered include:

  • The role of Customer Experience strategy
  • Customer (Buyer) Persona development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Identifying customer experience gaps and value
  • Building a CX roadmap and improvement plan
  • Best practices for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll use live cases and examples to help you think about how to apply what you learn to improve your customer’s experience.

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