Driving Marketing Excellence and Strategic Insights for B2B


Sep 25-26 | Pittsburgh


Driving Marketing Excellence and Strategic Insights for B2B

Whether you are seeking the latest insights on recruiting, developing, and retaining your company’s B2B Marketing Talent or you are an established B2B business or marketing leader and need to develop the “so what” of Insights, this meeting offers something for you.  Please join us as we host and present a lineup of world class subject matter experts in the field of driving B2B Marketing Excellence and developing strategic insights that will shape your B2B business for the future.

This meeting will be highlighted by two (2) presentations from a former CMO and current Futurist on the topics of the “War for Talent” and generational insights regarding Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Xers.  John Martin will also share his “insights” on the art and science of developing Insights . . . from the perspective of a Futurist who must deliver Insights from trends and research.  

  • What must you do to attract, retain, and develop Millennials and Gen Xers in B2B?
  • How does a Futurist develop Insights from trends and market research in B2B?
  • How do you handle the challenge of recruiting, on boarding, and developing large numbers of B2B commercial resources?
  • How does your B2B firm stack up against the “8 Key Capabilities to Drive B2B Organic Growth”?
  • A unique and amazing culture – W. L. Gore’s approach to B2B Marketing Competency and Academy development.
  • The timeless challenge of partnership with your channel – from the global thought leader in B2B channel management.
  • Learn from a career of lessons learned in leading B2B Market Intelligence organizations to drive Insights.
  • See how a fellow firm is providing its B2B Marketers a portal for professional and career development.



Registration Opens & Networking

Networking Lunch


8 Key Capabilities That Drive B2B Organic Growth, Dan Adams


Winning on B2B Culture, Competencies and Curriculum, Don Nordmeyer

B2B Marketing Excellence Roundtable Discussion

Marketing Careers by Design, Kelley Schlesinger

Networking Reception


Dinner on Your Own


Continental Networking Breakfast


War for Talent, John Martin


Positioning Your Organization To Deliver Exponential Growth, Ashley Barefoot

Insight Roundtable in B2B:

  • Transcendent Trends Shaping the Future of B2B Marketing, John Martin
  • From Intelligence to Insights in a Competitive B2B Market, Mark Little

Networking Lunch

Strategies for Making Partnerships Work, Sandy Jap




John Martin (Keynote Speaker) – War for Talent

Generational insights and differences. This will include a “self scoring and discussion session”.

The numbers tell the story:  Record low unemployment. No growth in workers ages 25-54 for the next decade. Slow immigration.  The Age Shift. It’s little wonder we’re in an all-out war for qualified talent.  In this fast-paced and engaging session, John will share the Institute for Tomorrow’s insights on how to win the war for workers.

John Martin (Keynote Speaker) – Transcendent Trends Shaping the Future of B2B Marketing

The world will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the past 30. It’s difficult for leaders at every level to know where change will happen next, and even more so, the implications to their organization’s success.

Ashley Barefoot – Positioning Your Organization To Deliver Exponential Growth

When The Filtration Group acquired Porex, they made a large investment to increase sales and marketing resources to drive growth. See how Porex established a plan and program to recruit, onboard, and develop a large increase in commercial resources.

Dan Adams – 8 Key Capabilities That Drive B2B Organic Growth

This includes a self-scoring before the meeting and then a benchmarking discussion.

Benchmark your own firm and compare against The Aim Institute’s recent research that identified the importance of 8 key capabilities to drive Organic Growth, then understand actions you can take on the most important capabilities.

Don Nordmeyer – Winning on B2B Culture, Competencies and Curriculum

Learn about Gore’s unique culture built on 60 years of employee empowerment, and see how they’re developing  and rolling out a new Marketing Competency model and curriculum.

Sandy Jap – Strategies for Making Partnerships Work

If partnering holds the promise of all things good, why do partnerships and alliances fail so often?  Sandy Jap will explore the dark side of partnering relationships: why “friends” become “enemies” over time, with research insights and case studies from Samsung/Google, Nike/Footlocker and more. Most importantly, she will offer specific recommendations for avoiding problems, revitalizing weakening partnerships, and recognizing when a partnership can’t be saved.

Mark Little – From Intelligence to Insights in a Competitive B2B Market

Mark has spent a career as a leader of Insights organizations. Learn from his successes and challenges in how to obtain strategic insights from Market Intelligence in a hyper globally competitive world.

Kelley Schlesinger – Marketing Careers by Design

Empower your employees to take ownership of their career by providing the tools they need to design their own development plans. Learn about how Sherwin-Williams has leveraged their partnership with ISBM to expand their suite of career development resources.


Our amazing line-up of speakers includes leading B2B brands and renowned academics.


President and CEO of SIR, Co-Founder of SIR’s Institute for Tomorrow


Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Porex


Dan Adams

President, The AIM Institute



Talent Development Specialist, Marketing, W. L. Gore & Associate


Sandy Jap

Professor of Marketing, Emory University & ISBM Fellow


President, North America, Prescient Healthcare

Prescient Healthcare Group

Kelley Schlesinger

Organizational Development Director, The Sherwin-Williams Company




If you have questions, feel free to email or call us at 814-863-2782.

Hotel Information

There are no hotel room blocks for this event.  Participants are free to book the hotel of their choice.  Here are some hotels closest to RLA Learning & Conference Center.

  • “Every ISBM meeting – and I've only missed three in ten years – has yielded an idea that has resulted in incremental revenues or profits for my company.”
  • “After each meeting, I write a summary to share within my firm. And what's remarkable is that I have never written a summary that didn't include at least one action item that came out of the meeting.”
  • “There is clearly value in reading articles in the business journals and magazines, but there is nothing like being able to talk about the ideas with the expert in a one-on-one setting.”
  • “When I first saw the slide on the 'three friend minimum', I thought it was kind of hokey. But I've made a lot of friends through the ISBM, and they have come through for me a couple of times when I really needed some help.”
  • “The secret sauce of the ISBM is that it's all b-to-b. At these meetings, I feel like I'm with 'my people'.”
  • “What is great is meeting someone from a totally different industry and finding out that we have a lot in common, but also a lot that's different and worth sharing.”


The ISBM’s Mission

We are the world’s only B2B think tank. Our mission is to advance the state of B2B organizations by pairing renowned academic researchers and educators with world-class marketing practitioners.

Our events are at the heart of our mission and we take them very seriously. They are intimate, action packed and filled with tools, templates and applicable methods.

We’ve run events for over 30 years and have introduced our Members to an incredible group of world-class B2B experts, practitioners, and academics. Our speakers share road-tested insights and real-life cases that can help you become a better marketer.
Mohan Sawhney

McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University

Phil Kotler

Leading expert on strategic marketing practice and Professor of Marketing, Northwestern University

Neil Rackham

Worlds’ Leading Authority on Consultative Selling and Best-selling Author

Nino Vella

President, New Pig

Abbie Griffin

Leading expert in New Product Development and Presidential Professor of Marketing, University of Utah

Suzanne Sears

Vice President, KCP Global Market Development, Kimberly-Clark Professional

Bill Midgette

Chief Executive Officer, Porex Corporation

Bob Cooper

Leading expert in Innovation Management and Creator of Stage-Gate®

G. Sandy Diehl

Vice President, United Technologies Corporation

Brian Sharp

Global VP Pricing & Value Management, Sealed Air Corporation

Charlie Peters

Senior Executive Vice President, Emerson Process Management

Fariborz Ghadar

Director, Center for Global Business Studies, Penn State