ISBM Members Meeting - B2B2C


Feb 5-6 | Spartanburg, SC


ISBM Members Meeting – B2B2C


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Sandy Jap – What To Do About Amazon?  Distribution Strategies for 3rd Party Platforms

Bob Thomas – B2B2C Segmentation

Gerard J. Tellis – Building a Culture of Innovation

Matthew Rudd – Building an Insights Culture in B2B2C

Steve Wilkinson – Agile Stage Gate Innovation

Joe Vesey – Manchester City Football Brand and Influence Campaign Aimed  B2B2C

Jeff Bennett – Market Data To Marketing Strategy in B2B2C



Our amazing line-up of speakers includes leading B2B brands and renowned academics.

Sandy Jap
Sandy Jap

Professor of Marketing, Emory University & ISBM Fellow

Bob Thomas
Bob Thomas

Professor of Marketing, Georgetown University & ISBM Fellow

Gerry Tellis
Gerard J. Tellis

Director, Center for Global Innovation & Professor of Marketing, USC & ISBM Fellow


Matthew Rudd

Director, Consumer & Market Insights, The Lubrizol Corporation

Steve Wilkinson
Steve Wilkinson

Director, Global Innovation, Armstrong World Industries

Joe Vesey

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Xylem, Inc.

Jeff Bennett

Founder and Managing Partner, Amphora Consulting & ISBM Partner


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Hotel Information

There are no hotel room blocks for this event.  Hotel suggestions coming soon!

  • “Every ISBM meeting – and I've only missed three in ten years – has yielded an idea that has resulted in incremental revenues or profits for my company.”
  • “After each meeting, I write a summary to share within my firm. And what's remarkable is that I have never written a summary that didn't include at least one action item that came out of the meeting.”
  • “There is clearly value in reading articles in the business journals and magazines, but there is nothing like being able to talk about the ideas with the expert in a one-on-one setting.”
  • “When I first saw the slide on the 'three friend minimum', I thought it was kind of hokey. But I've made a lot of friends through the ISBM, and they have come through for me a couple of times when I really needed some help.”
  • “The secret sauce of the ISBM is that it's all b-to-b. At these meetings, I feel like I'm with 'my people'.”
  • “What is great is meeting someone from a totally different industry and finding out that we have a lot in common, but also a lot that's different and worth sharing.”


The ISBM’s Mission

We are the world’s only B2B think tank. Our mission is to advance the state of B2B organizations by pairing renowned academic researchers and educators with world-class marketing practitioners.

Our events are at the heart of our mission and we take them very seriously. They are intimate, action packed and filled with tools, templates and applicable methods.