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Personal Brand


In this workshop you will learn to develop and communicate a personal brand that aligns with your values, strengths, and styles; the organization’s goals; and your vision. Increase your self-awareness and connect your off-line and on-line expression to create your intended impression. Advise or assist others in communicating their brand.

Recommended for:  
  • Marketing professionals who want to differentiate themselves by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition and leveraging it across platforms or situations.
  • Communication or marketing professionals who want to establish themselves or experts in their firm as thought leaders.
  • Those responsible for developing guidelines for social media.

1-day interactive workshop mixing learning and application of tools with review and feedback.


  • Articulate your personal brand as a foundation to your behavior and communications.
  • Develop a communication strategy in line with your personal brand. Understand and select appropriate options and styles for different situations and goals.
  • Advise, assist, or guide other in establishing themselves as thought leaders or influencers to promote your organization in line with their personal brand.


What is a personal brand? Why does it matter?

Determine your personal brand, based on your values, passions, skills, and goals.

Compare and contrast your personal brand with the organizations you represent. Find opportunities, identify gaps. Strategies to address conflicts.

Communicate your personal brand through your behavior, spoken, and written words. In person, in email, and in social media.