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Sales Leadership and Management


Sales Excellence Institute (SEI) faculty have developed a comprehensive knowledge base of sales and sales management competencies and best practices to be shared with the program participants so that they can appraise, compare and perfect their sales performance within their own competitive environments.

Recommended for:  

New marketers as well as those who have limited experience and don’t have a handle on each aspect of digital, you will gain insight into the primary characteristics of effective digital marketing.

Even for those who have mastery or are a specialist in particular areas of marketing, this course will give you the high-level overview needed to understand how it all fits together.


5- Day program


  • Increase top line performance by improving sales force effectiveness
  • Increase customer retention and profitability
  • Increase sales force retention through exemplary leadership
  • Increase the effective use of CRM and the sales process


  • What is Great Sales Leadership?
    • Your Sales Management Life Today
    • The Sales Leader’s Real Job
    • The Balance: Numbers vs. Relationships
    • Time Management
  • Advanced Sales Strategy
    • Understanding your Market
    • How Customers Buy
    • Complex Decision Center
  • Powerful Salesperson Relationship
    • Hiring, Training, and Development the Right People
    • Advanced Communication Skills
    • Coaching
    • Performance Management
  • Authentic Leadership
    • 5 Secrets of Authentic Leadership
    • Motivation and Recognition
    • Leading through Influence vs. Authority
    • Thinking Big – Building Growth Strategies
  • Putting It To Work at Work
    • My Sales Leader Case Study
    • My Change Contract
    • My Action Plan
    • My Progress Control



From: 8/5/2019
To: 8/9/2019

Houston, TX

University of Houston
CBB Building
4750 Calhoun
Houston, TX  77204-6021

Course registration fee per participant
$4,995 (Early Registration)