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The Art of Selling


In this workshop a participant will learn best practices of interpersonal skills of effective consultative selling. By understanding the importance of selling with purpose, building customer rapport and establishing a professional presence.

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This is a foundational B2B Marketing concept and workshop, appropriate for all marketing professionals responsible for communications, marketing and teams responsible for developing and executing market, sales, or other customer-directed relationships.


2-day interactive workshop mixing learning and application of tools with review and feedback.


  • Understanding features/advantages/benefits as they relate to proposing strategic solutions to customers.
  • Identifying and adapting to common customer personality styles.
  • Learning techniques for using strategic questions to uncover customer needs.
  • Understand how to prospect, handle customer objections and using customer centric communication.


  • The Softer Interpersonal Skills
  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Using Strategic Questions
  • Strategic Sales Call Management
  • Best Practice Consultative Selling

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