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Value Proposition Development


In this workshop you will learn to apply a proven framework for developing winning value propositions that resonate with the functional, economic, and emotional elements of your customer’s perception of value.

Recommended for:  

This is a foundational B2B Marketing concept and workshop, appropriate for all marketing professionals.

Technology, product, or marketing professionals responsible for developing, launching, or positioning products/solutions.

Communications or marketing professionals responsible for developing and executing market, sales, or other customer-directed content.


2-day interactive workshop mixing learning and application of tools with review and feedback.


  • Speak in the language of value and value propositions and apply a proven framework in developing winning VPs.
  • Apply insight about specific market segments to create or refine relevant value propositions; and identify when more insight is needed.
  • Develop products and solutions that achieve competitive advantage by addressing all the component of value.


  • Language of Value and the power of Value Propositions in Business: Internal and External.
  • The role and relevance of Value Propositions in needs-based segmentation.
  • Framework and exercises for developing and shaping Winning Value Propositions.
  • Developing perspective on how the Value Proposition concept applies in the real world of B2B and the impact of organization influences.