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Supply Chain: Managing the Dilemma (Brent Moritz)

Watch Joanne Smith (Price to Profits Consulting), Andrew Petersen (ISBM, Penn State), Liam Fahey (Leadership Forum, Inc.), and Becky Williams (ISBM) who are joined with our world expert, Dr. Brent Moritz, during a special JAM Session on the Supply Chain Dilemma and Marketing’s Role in Easing the Pain of the Supply Chain Dilemma.

Learn the latest information on supply chain disruptions and what is likely to continue for 2022.

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On Black Swan Events in the Semiconductor Industry

The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the electronics industry is far reaching – and especially significant on the semiconductor industry. Deloitte covers the pandemic and describes how COVID-19 might become a black swan event – an unpredictable evens with potentially severe consequences. The report describes how the current crisis might drive the semiconductor industry to transform its global supply chain. 

Penn State’s Center of Supply Chain Research COVID-19 Resources

One of the research institutes at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State is the Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR). The CSCR website offers a wealth of COVID-19 resources focused on supply chain management, including weekly presentations and recordings, as well as a curated collection of websites, research, and recordings.

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A Wake-Up Call for Globalized Supply Chains

Due to the ever increasingly global supply chains, the impact of the disruption caused by the coronavirus contagion is felt worldwide. Industrial industries are particularly affected. Now is the time to rethink the complex interdependencies in our supply chains. In the MIT Sloan Management Review, Professor Willy Shih of the Harvard Business School covers the rationale for global supply chains, and offers managers a number of actions to reassess supply chain risk.