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AI Within Reach: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Making It Work For You (Jessica Fewless)

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all been using artificial intelligence (AI) for years to make our daily lives easier (think Siri). But it wasn’t until recently that Sales and Marketing organizations began realizing the power of AI to drive measurable business outcomes. While surveyed marketers believe AI will be transformative, fewer than 20 percent are actually using AI-powered applications today. All that is about to change and it’ll be easier than you might think. Watch this session with Lisa Ames to see real-life examples of sales and marketing organizations using AI and learn how you can:
– Boost pipeline generation by leveraging AI-powered applications
– Improve alignment by empowering your sales team with AI-driven insights
– Overcome the pitfalls that prevent companies from using AI successfully

Impact of Digital on the Sales Force (Mike Ahearne, Thomas Steenburgh)

Experienced marketers know that their sales force can have a greater impact on results than any other element of the marketing mix. The challenge has always been to deploy limited resources efficiently and effectively. Fortunately, today’s digital technologies make it possible to scale diverse resources, enabling the sales force to manage profitability across a wide range of account types and sizes. Few question technology’s pervasive impact on selling and the sales profession. Yet many firms are not adequately positioning their sales organizations for optimal performance in the digital age. This webinar examines the relationship of digital technology and the sales function, while offering specific strategies for leadership to fully leverage technology’s impact. Professors Mike Ahearne and Thomas Steenburgh provide examples of how world class organizations leverage digital capabilities to increase profits and gain competitive advantage, and will describe the shifts sales organizations will be required to make in sales process and training investments.

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B2B Salespeople Need To Act More Like Travel Agents

Do B2B buyers really want to be left alone? Research in this Harvard Business Review article suggests that there are a lot of frustrated and unhappy B2B buyers out there who could use a little help. By acting like a travel agent, B2B sellers can smooth out the sales process and guide customers to a more satisfying end.

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How More Accessible Information Is Forcing B2B Sales to Adapt

B2B buyers are not longer “information seekers” but have become “super experts”. This Harvard Business Review article explains how B2B sellers need to align their selling approach to the buyer who is increasingly independent and highly informed. Smart sellers will find a solution that is consistent yet customized.


How AI is Streamlining Marketing and Sales

This article in the Harvard Business Review looks at companies using AI to manage their sales leads in a more prompt and effective way. This small investment can win customer satisfaction by providing personal and helpful attention.

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How B2B Sales Can Benefit from Social Selling

Social Selling may be the new platform for your B2B sales force. This Harvard Business Review article provides ways your salespeople can use social media to engage with buyers who don’t want to face a sales pitch. Social Selling is the solution to achieving a more customer-centric experience that adds an element of fun.

ISBM Academic Newsletter, Volume 11, Issue 1

In this Issue (January 2018)
– From the Membership: The Thriving Marketer (Lynn Yanyo)
– From the Membership: Next Members Meeting (Lynn Yanyo)
– ISBM Fellow Feature: How to Become a Platform Business (Erich Joachimsthaler)
– ISBM Fellow Feature: B2B Firm’s Shift from Outside to Inside Sales Structures (Rob Palmatier)
– Invitation to EMAC 2018 and B2B SIG
– ISBM Phd Camp and Academic Conference 2018
– Call for Nominations: 2018 ISBM-David T. Wilson-Sheth Foundation Award for Long Term Impact in B2B Marketing