IPSS Admission Procedure, Participation and Requirements

Admission Procedure

Students must first apply to the IPSS program(s) to determine eligibility, and provide the information requested below.

Applicant must provide:

  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Statement of purpose indicating interest in B2B Marketing.
  • One recommendation letter from a faculty member or advisor.
  • Audits are allowed at the discretion of the instructor only, but full registration fees will be required for audits.
  • A link to pay by credit card will be emailed upon acceptance to the program.
  • *Previous IPSS students need only submit registration and payment.
  • Any supporting application materials should be emailed to Lori Nicolini.

Course Delivery and Participation

Each course consists of six to ten sessions of 90-120 minutes each, meeting weekly or biweekly. Class time will be determined by the instructor in consultation with the Instructional Delivery Committee. The course will be taught via  Zoom. Students must have a computer with a broadband internet connection and a way to connect to a telephone conference bridge or computer audio (a headset connection to your computer is necessary).  During each session, each student must log in to the online meeting and be connected for the duration of the of class (excused absences must be pre-approved by instructor and should be limited).


There is a per course fee of $750.  The fees are due only after admission decisions have been made and not at the time of registration; a separate invoice and payment link will be sent upon acceptance to the course.

Academic Requirements and Integrity

Students registered for seminars will receive grades of A, B, C, or F depending on their performance. A grade of C or better entitles the student to a course completion certificate. Students who do no receive a C or above will not be enrolled in future courses. Also, students who do not complete a course or drop without an exception granted from the ISBM Associate Director will be given an “incomplete” and will not be admitted to future courses.

For More Information

ISBM Associate Director:  J. Andrew Petersen
Email:  jap57@psu.edu

ISBM Program & Event Manager: Lori Nicolini
Email: LNicolini@psu.edu