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The ISBM Pulse content library contains archived copies of previous member meeting presentations, webinars, courses, articles/reports, and a multitude of other knowledge. This material is freely available for our ISBM members.

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Image_03_JAM9.20_Learning From the Future Before It Happens_Fahey

Learning from the Future Before it Happens: Marketing as if the Future Mattered (Liam Fahey)

Watch Liam Fahey’s presentation from the September 23rd ISBM JAM Session on Better Decision Making. Liam discusses how to make decisions based on scenario planning taken from the perspective of alternate futures. Liam details how to craft fast-cycle scenarios to address marketplace uncertainty and ambiguity and then how to use them to inform marketing decision making. Special emphasis is placed on shaping and structuring data to create interesting and plausible alternative depictions of how the future might unfold (e.g. alternative industry projections), assessing the implications of alternative futures for current and anticipated decisions, as well as critiquing personal and organizational risk proclivities.

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Image_02_JAM9.20_Practical Guidelines for Making Smarter Decisions_Keeney

Practical Guidelines for Making Smarter Decisions (Ralph Keeney)

Watch Ralph Keeney’s presentation from the September 23rd ISBM JAM Session on Better Decision Making. Decision making should be considered your primary management skill, because the only way you can purposefully improve your business is through the decisions you make. Everything else happens beyond your control, due to others’ decisions and happenstance. Your decisions empower you to enhance the quality of your life and to make contributions at work in businesses, organizations, and government. The timeliness and quality of your decisions directly affects others in your businesses, organization and families including resource balancing and allocation. Clearly, your decision-making skills are crucial. Ralph’s presentation describes and illustrates concepts and procedures to enhance the key skills necessary to make smart decisions and avoid the ever-present decision traps that degrade our choices.

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The Emotional Component of Decision Making: How to Manage Your Brain to Make More Optimal Decisions (Steven Howard)

Watch Steven Howard’s presentation from the September 23rd ISBM JAM Session on Better Decision Making. Steven discusses how stress and anxiety affect our brain and decision making. Steven shares: How Stress and Anxiety Impact Your Decision Making; The Biggest Mistakes We Make When Facing Hard Decisions; The Role of Unconscious Bias in Decision Making; How to Respond, Not React, When Making Decisions; How to go from Mind Full to Mindful Decision Making; Simple Mindfulness Techniques You Can Use at Work or Home; Why You Need to Start Today to Protect the Long-Term Health of Your Brain

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Competing Along the Value Chain in B2B2C (Jeff Bennett)

B2B companies frequently sell along complex value chains with multiple influencers and decision-makers. Too often, they can lose focus on the fact that there is ultimately a consumer or end-user at the end of that chain. With business models and competitors evolving, it is more important than ever that B2B companies expand their definition of ‘customer’ and understand the needs of this consumer. This presentation covers a set of concepts and practical frameworks that can help B2B companies address these issues. Several relevant case studies are presented.

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chess pieces

B2B2C Market Segmentation (Robert Thomas)

A common complaint among firms is that B2B market segmentation does not really work that well. A possible reason may be that true market segmentation does not stop with one’s direct customer but should also include the customer’s customer and so on in a multi-level B2B2C market segmentation structure. A B2B2C market segmentation alignment may lead to innovative positioning, as well as, creative message levers for the sales force to use as an argument to gain advantage according to strategically aligned segment needs. Case studies will illustrate this approach.

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stories matter

Building an Insights Culture in B2B2C (Matthew Rudd)

Many B2B suppliers are seeking the benefits of being more market-driven to aid both product innovation and commercial engagement for their consumer-driven customers.  This presentation is about how Lubrizol is developing an Insights culture and capability through a pragmatic approach, focused on selling and storytelling.

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