ISBM Distinguished Research Fellows

The ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow program provides even more opportunities to ask top researchers specific questions about their business marketing problems and opportunities. As thought leaders in specific business marketing topics, all ISBM Distinguished Research Fellows—scholars at leading universities—have strong track records consulting to businesses around the globe, in addition to their extensive teaching and publishing activities. They know and respect real-world business management and leading-edge solutions, and they are dedicated to applying their knowledge to actual marketing problems and opportunities.

Ahearne, MichaelUniversity of Houston: Salespeople and Sales Organization Performance
Anderson, James C.Northwestern University: Value-Based Marketing, Discernment
Bharadwaj, SundarUniversity of Georgia: Marketing Strategy, Performance and Metrics, Customer Management, Innovation, Marketing-Finance Interface, Branding and Brand Management & Strategy
Cooper, Robert G.McMaster University: New Offering Processes, Stage Gate
Day, George S.University of Pennsylvania: Competitive Strategies, New Product Development, Marketing Management, Strategic Planning
Fahey, LiamBabson College & Leadership Forum, Inc.: Competitive Strategy
Gopalakrishna, SrinathUniversity of Missouri: B2B Marketing & Sales Management; Business Tradr Shows
Grewal, RajdeepUniversity of North Carolina: Strategic Marketing, Inter-firm Relationships
Griffin, AbbieUniversity of Utah: Voice of the Customer
Houston, MarkTexas Christian University: Entertainment Product Success, Innovation/Technology Management, Product Development, Channels/Relationship Marketing
Jap, Sandy D.Emory University: Partnering, Relationship Management, Distribution Channels and Routes-to-Market Strategy, Industrial Sourcing, Procurement
Jaworski, BernieClaremont Graduate University: Leadership, Strategy, and Client Management
Joachimsthaler, ErichVivaldi_: Brands, Innovation, Leveraging New Growth Opportunities, and Marketing Strategies
Johnston, Wesley J.Georgia State University: Key Account Management/Salesforce Management, Customer Relation Management
Kohli, Ajay K.Georgia Tech: Market Orientation, Sales Orientation
Kumar, VBrock University: New Product Management, Marketing Models, Database Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Strategy
Lilien, Gary L.Penn State: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
Narayandas, DasHarvard Business School: B-to-B Marketing Strategy/Loyalty
Narus, JamesWake Forest University: Channel Strategy
Palmatier, RobertUniversity of Washington: Marketing Strategy and Sales
Sawhney, MohanNorthwestern University: Business Innovation, Technology Marketing, New Media, Digital Marketing, Engagement Marketing
Scheer, Lisa K.University of Missouri: Relationships, Trust, Loyalty, Strategy
 Schultz, Don E. (deceased)Northwestern University: Integrated Marketing Communications
Sheth, JagdishEmory University: Segmentation Marketing/Strategy
Spekman, Robert E.University of Virginia: Alliances
Srinivasan, RajiUniversity of Texas at Austin: Marketing Metrics, Organizational Innovation, New Product Development
Srivastava, Rajendra K.Indian School of Business: B-to-B Branding, Marketing Return on Investment
Tellis, Gerard J.University of Southern California: Innovation, Advertising, New Products, Market Entry
Thomas, Robert J.Georgetown University: Segmentation Marketing, New Product Development
Weitz, Barton (deceased)University of Florida: Sales Management
Wiersema, FredBusiness Strategist: Customer Intimacy, Leadership
Zoltners, Andris A. (deceased)Northwestern University: Sales Force Strategy and Management