ISBM B2B Research Webinar Series

B2B Research Webinar Series

A webinar venue for B2B marketing doctoral students and researchers to present their research and receive valuable feedback from ISBM’s global network of renowned B2B researchers and experts.

Based on interest, ISBM will offer these webinar opportunities once a month.

These 1 hour webinars will offer an opportunity for doctoral students or academic scholars who are new to the field to present their research for about 30 minutes. Then a more senior scholar or expert in the domain will be a discussant for approximately 10-15 minutes and will provide feedback on the research. The remainder of the hour will be held for Q&A between the attendees and the presenter. 

If you have interest in presenting your research or in being a discussant for a future B2B Research Webinar, please contact Andrew Petersen or Lori Nicolini directly at ISBM.

Andrew Petersen, Associate Director (

Lori Nicolini, Program Coordinator (

Upcoming Webinars:

Organizing for Innovation: B2B Projects, Task Configuration, and Outcomes

Presented By:  Elham Ghazimatin, Assistant Professor of Marketing, The University of Stavanger (UiS)

Webinar Date:  April 16, 2021

Time:  Noon – 1:00PM ET

About the Presenter:  Professor Elham is a PhD graduate in marketing from the University of Melbourne, Australia and an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Stavanger (UiS). Her primary research interest is the governance of temporary organizations or so-called projects. Using secondary data and econometric methods, she examines how projects can be organized for the superior performance. Projects are dominant in many areas, such as film making, defence, and construction yet remain largely unstudied. In her dissertation Elham studies, for example, how buyers can select and incentivize suppliers, appropriate for conditions, to minimize costs. She also considers how supplier decisions to outsource determine buyer outcomes, such as innovation. Such studies bring important and new theoretical insights while also holding important implications for practitioners.

Past Webinars:

When Does Acquiring an International Marketing Joint Venture Create Shareholder Value for and Emerging Market Firm?

Presented By:  

Kiran Pedada, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Indian School of Business

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Automating the B2B Salesperson Pricing Decisions: A Human-Machine Hybrid Approach

Presented By:  

Yael Karlinsky Shichor, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Northeastern University

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  • Customer Concentration and Firm Performance: Insights From A Cross-Disciplinary Meta-Analysis, Ljubomir Pupovac, Lecturer, UNSW Business School


  • A Structural Model of a Multitasking Salesforce: Multidimensional Incentives and Job Design​, Minkyung Kim, Assistant Professor of Marketing, UNC Chapel Hill


  • Implementing Marketing Strategy Changes: Minimizing Channel Partners Negative Responses, Divya Anand, Doctoral Candidate, University of Missouri


  • Alliance Portfolio Distance and Its Influence on IPO Performance​, Shilpa Somraj, Doctoral Candidate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln