Research Priorities

Research Mission and Overview

The mission of the ISBM is to play a leadership role in advancing the theory and practice of business-to-business (industrial) marketing, and to advance business marketing as a specialized field within the broader marketing discipline.

The ISBM sponsors a biennial academic conference, a biennial PhD camp, a PhD dissertation support competition, periodic special interest workshops, a series of PhD seminars (IPSS—ISBM PhD Seminar Series) available to B2B PhD students globally. To access the full range of material available through ISBM B2B Pulse please login, using your academic username and password. If you are an academic and do not have a username and password, please register here.

Research Priorities

ISBM’s B2B Agenda has identified three areas that will be the ISBM’s highest research priority programs for the foreseeable future–(1) Marketing’s Role in B2B Innovation (2) B2B Buying Behavior and (3) B2B Customer Analytics–described below

1. Marketing’s Role in B2B Innovation

Program Director: Raji Srinivasan
This theme, the most highly cited issue in the B2B Agenda, includes three focused sub-areas:

  1. Taking B2B innovation beyond the product and beyond the lab: With the growing recognition that innovation can fruitfully take more forms than that involving traditional NPD processes, what nontraditional processes are needed or are most effective in B2B markets?
  2. Ideation in B2B: tapping customers and non-experts for fresh ideas: How can research determine how to better understand B2B customer needs and better involve customers in the innovation process.
  3. The interface of innovation with marketing and sales: How can research determine the most appropriate role for the salesforce in the innovation and new product development process in B2B organizations?

2. B2B Buying Behavior

Program Director: Raj Grewal
While buying patterns are evolving greatly, our knowledge and models have not kept up with changing market conditions, new buying practices (e.g., in emerging global markets), influencing factors such as new technologies/social media and cross-industry differences. We need new insights and an up-to-date taxonomy as a foundation for future research and practice development. Our key priorities include:

  1. Evolution of the Buying Process: To what extent is extant knowledge on buying centers and buyer behaviors still valid? How does the emergence of B2B electronic commerce and global purchasing practices impact that typology or are new typologies needed?
  2. Geographic/Cultural Differences in the Buying Process: How do theories of buying centers and buyer behaviors differ across countries and what factors drive these differences?
  3. Sales Force Management and Behavior: Changes in B2B buying require that B2B selling strategies adapt. The emergence of solution selling and global key account management practices require more adaptive sales teams. How should one study these new types of sales teams?
  4. The Customer Experience: B2B customers increasingly search for information and seek solutions online for their firms in a fashion similar to the way they shop for themselves. How does one conceptualize and assess the changing nature of customer experience in business market and how does the customer experience change with buying situations and buying roles?

3. B2B Customer Analytics

Program Director: Hari Sridhar
Intersecting with the above two themes and others is the issue of B2B customer analytics. As data on customer needs, information search, influence networks or patterns and transactions proliferates those data provide an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to integrate transaction data, CRM data, sentiment analysis, web log data and others) provide opportunities to improve customer acquisition, retention, upsell and cross-sell opportunities in business markets. While we are interested in supporting work in B2B Customer analytics more broadly, our highest priorities surround:
1.Use of Customer Analytics to identify and qualify opportunities for new B2B offerings.
2.Use of Customer Analytics to better understand B2B buying behavior and the implications for better customer targeting, marketing resource allocation, pricing and customer life cycle management.

In addition, we are interested in work that integrates direct customer data with data from channel partners as well as data that explicitly recognizes multiple buying influences and buyer-seller networks.

Doctoral Awards Competition

2019 Competition Information

Penn State’s Institute for the Study of Business Markets announces its twenty-ninth annual Business Marketing Doctoral Support Award Competition.

Up to three candidates in accredited doctoral programs will receive dissertation support awards. Dissertations in any area of business-to-business (industrial) marketing or in any of the methodological areas that support advances in business marketing will be considered. See our “Research Priorities” for more information. Particular consideration will be given to proposals that address the areas of (1) Marketing’s Role in B2B Innovation, (2) B2B Buying Behavior and (3) B2B Customer Analytics.

In addition to applications from PhD students in marketing, we encourage applications from students in economics, management science, organizational psychology, statistics, anthropology and other disciplines whose developments help advance our understanding of the operation of the business marketplace.

The award consists of:
•Up to $5,000 in financial assistance to be used for travel, conference attendance, data collection, and other expenses of conducting and presenting the results of the research.
•Assistance, as needed, in gaining the cooperation of both ISBM member firms and non-member firms for data, interviews, etc.

Submission Information

PhD candidates interested in the competition should submit an abstract of their research not to exceed five double-spaced pages, along with a current vita and a vita of their dissertation advisor. The abstract should address the potential importance of their work to business marketing practice, its theoretical contributions, the research methodology, and the amount and kind of support requested.

Submission deadline has been extended until Fri, November 1 2019.

Electronic submissions must follow the following rules:
•Preferred file format is Adobe Acrobat (.pdf).
•Name all files submitted as attachments: •Filename for Proposal: DC19-Yourlastname.pdf
•Filename for your Vita: DC19-Yourlastname-CV.pdf
•Filename for your Advisor: DC19-Yourlastname-ADV-CV.pdf
•If co-advisors, name them ADV1, etc.

•Any other documents submitted electronically should be named in the same manner:

Any emails relating to the competition should have the following in the subject line: “ISBM 2019 Doctoral Competition”. Submissions should be sent as email attachments in pdf format to

Proposals will be judged by an academic panel, consisting of representatives of the ISBM and qualified faculty members from other universities. The panel will not provide feedback to the entrants at this stage. Finalists will be notified by November 15, 2019.

Final proposals not to exceed 15 double-spaced pages are due on November 30, 2019. Winners will be announced by March 1, 2020. All finalists will receive feedback from the academic review panel.

Any pages of the abstract and/or proposal (not including reference pages) exceeding the page limits listed above will not be considered in the review process. Request samples of abstracts or proposals by sending an email to

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the ISBM Research Directors:

Dr. Gary L. Lilien (
Research Director
Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science

Dr. J. Andrew Petersen (
Associate Research Director
Associate Professor of Marketing

Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM)
Smeal College of Business
The Pennsylvania State University
484 Business Building
University Park, PA 16802-3603
Phone: 814-863-2782

ISBM PhD Seminar Series (IPSS)


The objective of the ISBM PhD Seminar Series (IPSS) is to provide a range of short, PhD level seminars in Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing. These seminars, delivered electronically by some of the world’s leading scholars, provide access to leading developments and methods necessary to doctoral students worldwide who are considering research careers in B2B Marketing. IPSS offers electronic participation in substantive and methodological courses essential for PhD students with research interests in business markets. Substantive topics include theory development in business markets, sales management, marketing channel management, and new product development and marketing, among others. Methodological topics include qualitative research methods, social network analysis, and structural equation modeling, among others. Courses are repeated in a 2 – 3 year cycle.

Course Offerings for Fall 2019

1. Marketing Strategy

Sundar Bhardwaj, University of Georgia

This course is a doctoral seminar that focuses on marketing strategy formulation. Marketing strategy is a broad term with many meanings, and while scope and domain issues for the field continue to be debated, at a fundamental level has to do with how marketing concepts, tools, and processes can be used to help an organization develop a sustainable competitive advantage through the creation of superior customer value. While marketing strategy is a comparatively young field of study, substantive and sustained contributions by many of the discipline’s leading scholars over the last 30 years have helped create a rich and diverse literature base.

Complete Course Details and Registration

Course Offerings for Spring 2020

There has been so much emphasis on establishing causation in marketing research. So, we have two courses scheduled which will provide an excellent survey of research techniques (empirical and experimental) for establishing causal relationships.

1. Establishing Causality: A Multi-Method Approach

Mahima Hada, CUNY Baruch & Alok Saboo, Georgia State University

Complete Course Details and Registration (coming soon…)

Course Offerings for Fall 2020

1. Metrics and Statistical Models in B2B CRM

Rajkumar Venkatesan, University of Virginia & Sarang Sunder, Texas Christian University

The main objective of this course is to serve as a guide to the metrics and models in the CRM literature. They will do this by first identifying a way to measure the net present value of a customer to the firm, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and a set of metrics by which customers can be managed. Then, they will follow the lifetime of a customer with the firm by analyzing empirical models that allow us to better understand how managers can improve at each stage of the customer’s relationship with the firm: acquisition, retention, growth, churn, and win-back. Finally, they will discuss how to implement CRM models with firms and to design and implement field experiments with firms to enhance the contribution of research.

Complete Course Details and Registration

IPSS Admission Procedure, Participation and Requirements

Admission Procedure

Students must first apply to the IPSS program(s) to determine eligibility, and provide the information requested below.

*Applicant must provide:
•Complete the online registration form.
•Statement of purpose indicating interest in B2B Marketing.
•One recommendation letter from a faculty member or advisor.

•Audits are allowed at the discretion of the instructor only, but full registration fees will be required for audits.
•A link to pay by credit card will be emailed upon acceptance to the program.
•*Previous IPSS students need only submit registration and payment.

Supporting application materials should be emailed to Lori Nicolini

Course Delivery and Participation

Each course consists of six to ten sessions of 90-120 minutes each, meeting weekly or biweekly. Class time will be determined by the instructor in consultation with the Instructional Delivery Committee. The course will be taught via Zoom. Students must have a computer with a broadband internet connection and a way to connect to a telephone conference bridge or computer audio (a headset connection to your computer is necessary). During each session, each student must log in to the online meeting and be connected for the duration of the of class (excused absences must be pre-approved by instructor and should be limited).


There is a per course fee of $750. The fees are due only after admission decisions have been made and not at the time of registration; a separate invoice and payment link will be sent upon acceptance to the course.

Academic Requirements and Integrity

Students registered for seminars will receive grades of A, B, C, or F depending on their performance. A grade of C or better entitles the student to a course completion certificate. Students who do no receive a C or above will not be enrolled in future courses. Also, students who do not complete a course or drop without an exception granted from the Academic Director will be given an “incomplete” and will not be admitted to future courses.

For More Information

Academic Director: J. Andrew Petersen

Administrative Director: Lori Nicolini

ISBM Fellows

The “ISBM Fellows” program provides even more opportunities to ask top researchers specific questions about their business marketing problems and opportunities. As thought leaders in specific business marketing topics, all ISBM Distinguished Research Fellows—scholars at leading universities—have strong track records consulting to businesses around the globe, in addition to their extensive teaching and publishing activities. They know and respect real-world business management and leading-edge solutions, and they are dedicated to applying their knowledge to actual marketing problems and opportunities.



Ahearne, Michael University of Houston: Salespeople and Sales Organization Performance
Anderson, James C. Northwestern University: Value-Based Marketing, Discernment
Cooper, Robert G. McMaster University: New Offering Processes, Stage Gate
Day, George S. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania: Competitive Strategies, New Product Development, Marketing Management, Strategic Planning
Fahey, Liam Babson College: Competitive Strategy
Grewal, Rajdeep University of North Carolina: Strategic Marketing, Inter-firm Relationships
Griffin, Abbie University of Utah: Voice of the Customer
Jap, Sandy D. Emory University: Partnering, Relationship Management, Distribution Channels and Routes-to-Market Strategy, Industrial Sourcing, Procurement
Jaworski, Bernie Claremont Graduate University: Leadership, Strategy, and Client Management
Johnston, Wesley J. Georgia State University: Key Account Management/Salesforce Management, Customer Relation Management
Kohli, Ajay K. Georgia Tech: Market Orientation, Sales Orientation
Kumar, V Georgia State University: New Product Management, Marketing Models, Database Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Strategy.
Lilien, Gary L. Penn State: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
Narayandas, Das Harvard Business School: B-to-B Marketing Strategy/Loyalty
Narus, James Wake Forest University: Channel Strategy
Sawhney, Mohan Kellogg School of Management: Business Innovation, Technology Marketing, New Media, Digital Marketing, Engagement Marketing
Scheer, Lisa K. University of Missouri: Relationships, Trust, Loyalty, Strategy
Schultz, Don E. Northwestern University: Integrated Marketing Communications
Sheth, Jagdish Emory University: Segmentation Marketing/Strategy
Spekman, Robert E. University of Virginia: Alliances
Srinivasan, Raji University of Texas at Austin: Marketing Metrics, Organizational Innovation, New Product Development
Srivastava, Rajendra K. Singapore Management University: B-to-B Branding, Marketing Return on Investment
Tellis, Gerard J. University of Southern California: Innovation, Advertising, New Products, Market Entry
Thomas, Robert J. Georgetown University: Segmentation Marketing, New Product Development
Weitz, Barton University of Florida: Sales Management
Wiersema, Fred Business Strategist: Customer Intimacy, Leadership
Zoltners, Andris A. Northwestern University: Sales Force Strategy and Management

B2B Handbook

ISBM Handbook of Business to Business Marketing

About the Handbook

The ISBM Handbook of Business-to-Business Marketing, edited by Professors Gary Lilien and Raj Grewal, is the definitive work on what we have discovered about B2B marketing that can be used both to inform practice and to determine the most critical research issues that the field currently faces. Each chapter (Titles and Abstracts below) is written by an expert or experts in the domain and provides (1) perspectives of the problem area both from an academic and a managerial perspective (state of theory and state of practice) (2) a concise state-of-the-art review summarizing what we know about the area, (c) managerial implications and (4) a research agenda for the domain. The Handbook of Business-to-Business Marketing is available from Edward Elgar Publishing and Amazon. As the authors retain the copyright to their chapters, only they have the right to use or distribute their chapter. If you would like a copy of a specific chapter, please contact the author or authors directly through their emails included below.


Part 1: Introduction and Overview
•Business-to-Business Marketing: Looking Back, Looking Forward Rajdeep Grewal ( and Gary L. Lilien (

Part 2: Perspectives in B2B Research
•A High-Level Overview: A Value Perspective on the Practice of Business-to-Business Marketing Ralph Oliva (
•Applications of Agency Theory in B2B Marketing: Review and Future DirectionsRanjan Banerjee (, Mark Bergen (, Shantanu Dutta ( and Souray Ray (
•Progress and Prospects for Governance Value Analysis in Marketing: When Porter Meets Williamson Mrinal Ghosh ( and George John (
•Network Governance Stefan Wuyts ( and Christophe Van den Bulte (
•Marketing Capabilities for B2B Firms Neil A. Morgan ( and Rebecca J. Slotegraaf (
•Gaining Competitive Advantage with Service-Dominant Logic Robert F. Lusch ( and Stephen L. Vargo (
•Coordinating Marketing and Sales in B2B Organizations Frank Cespedes (
•Competitor Intelligence: Enabling B2B Marketing Strategy Liam Fahey (

Part 3: B2B Marketing Mix and Strategy
•B2B Marketing Communication in a Transformational Marketplace Don E. Schultz (
•Business-to-Business Market Segmentation Robert J. Thomas (
•Branding in B2B Firms Kevin Lane Keller ( and Philip Kotler (
•Trade Shows in the Business Marketing Communications Mix Srinath Gopalakrishna ( and Gary L. Lilien (
•Value-Based Pricing: A State-of-the-Art Review George E. Cressman Jr. (

Part 4: Interfirm Relationships in B2B Markets
•Evolution of Buyer–Seller Relationships Douglas Bowman (
•Relationship Marketing Robert W. Palmatier ( and Joshua T. Beck (
•Customer Relationship Management in Business Markets Rajkumar Venkatesan (, V. Kumar ( and Werner Reinartz (
•Trust, Distrust and Confidence in B2B Relationships Lisa K. Scheer (
•Strategic Alliances in a Business-to-Business Environment Robert E. Spekman (
•Learning in Coopetitive Relationships Shankar Ganesan ( and Hillbun (Dixon) Ho (
•The Organizational Buying Center: Innovation, Knowledge Management and BrandWesley J. Johnston ( and Jennifer D. Chandler (
•B2B Relationship Underpinnings of Outsourcing Rajan Varadarajan (

Part 5: Personal Selling and Sales Management
•Salesperson Effectiveness: A Behavioral Perspective Kevin Bradford ( and Barton A. Weitz (
•Boundary Work and Customer Connectivity in B2B Front Lines Jagdip Singh (, Detelina Marinova ( and Steven Brown (
•Key Account Management Christian Homburg ( and Torsten Bornemann (
•Sales Force Compensation: Research Insights and Research Potential Anne T. Coughlan (A-COUGHLAN@KELLOGG.NORTHWESTERN.EDU) and Kissan Joseph (
•Sales Force Performance: A Typology and Future Research Priorities Michael Ahearne ( and Son K. Lam (
•Building a Winning Sales Force in B2B Markets: A Managerial Perspective Andris A. Zoltners (, Prabhakant Sinha ( and Sally E. Lorimer (
•The Impact of the Internet on B2B Sales Force Size and Structure Murali K. Mantrala ( and Sönke Albers (

Part 6: Technology and B2B Marketing
•Toward a Theory of Technology Marketing: Review and Suggestions For Future Research Jakki J. Mohr (, Sanjit Sengupta ( and Stanley Slater (
•Key Questions on Innovation in the B2B Context Gerard J. Tellis (, Rajesh K. Chandy ( and Jaideep C. Prabhu (
•The Stage-Gate® System for Product Innovation in B2B Firms Robert G. Cooper (
•Business-to-Business (B2B) E-Commerce Venkatesh Shankar (
•Designing B2B Markets Ernan Haruvy ( and Sandy Jap (

Part 7: Methodological Issues
•Qualitative Research Methods for Investigating Business-to-Business Marketing Questions Abbie Griffin (
•Case Study Research in Business-to-Business Contexts: Theory and Methods Arch G. Woodside ( and Roger Baxter (
•Survey Research in B2B Marketing: Current Challenges and Emerging OpportunitiesAric Rindfleisch ( and Kersi D. Antia (
•Marketing Metrics in B2B Firms Raji Srinivasan (

Contact Information

Editor, Gary Lilien,

Editor, Rajdeep Grewal,

Wilson-Sheth Award

ISBM David T. Wilson-Sheth Foundation Award for Long Term Impact in B2B Marketing

Call for Nominations

Nominations are due no later than March 31, 2020 for the ISBM-David T. Wilson-Sheth Foundation Award for Long Term Impact in B2B Marketing. This award is made biennially to a paper published in a refereed journal that has made a significant long run impact on the theory and practice of B2B Marketing.

The award is named in honor of the late Penn State Professor David T. Wilson, a leading B2B scholar and founding Managing Director of the ISBM (Institute for the Study of Business Markets).

The winner will receive a cash award of $2000 along with a plaque of recognition and will be honored at a special session of the ISBM Academic Conference to be scheduled in August 2020.


To be eligible, a paper should have been published between 2005 and 2015.

The paper should be primarily or exclusively on an issue or issues specific to B2B marketing, that is, the building of mutual value-generating relationships (including goods and services) between organizations (which include businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations) and the many individuals within them. Thus manufacturer-retailer, pharmaceutical firm-doctor, firm-information intermediary, firm-government, and agribusiness-farmer relationships fall within the B2B domain as defined here.

Measures of Impact

The winning paper should have made significant impact, both in academia and in practice. As measures of impact, nominators should consider the following criteria, and possibly others.
•press coverage,
•magnitude of subsequent work that builds on the paper,
•applications in practice
•applications in litigation,
•use in PhD reading lists and seminars,
•use in undergrad, MBA or Executive teaching.

High impact papers normally have one or more of the following characteristics: (1) show the field something that it did not know before, (2) show a new way of thinking about a problem or issue and/or (3) open up a new field of inquiry.


Nominations are invited from any individuals and self-nominations are permitted. The nominations should include a pdf of the nominated paper as well as a nominating letter, not to exceed 500 words, that addresses the impact criteria above.

Nominations should be directed to Gary L. Lilien, ISBM Research Director ( who will serve as chair of the award committee. Other committee members are Andrew Petersen, Penn State and ISBM Associate Research Director and Tomas Hult, Michigan State, and Sheth Foundation Board President.

The winner will be announced May 15, 2020.

Research Newsletter Archive

The ISBM Research Newsletter began publication in 2008. The archives can be dowloaded and viewed here.

Topics from Previous Newsletters



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Research Newsletter Vol 11 Iss 2 July 2018 PDF ISBM’s B2B Academic Conference and PhD Camp for Research in B2B Markets; Feature: Choosing and Managing B2B Marketing Metrics (Andrew Petersen); From the Membership: Next Member Meeting – Customer Engagement as a Differential in B2B Growth and Profitability (Lynn Yanyo); IPSS Update: Fall 18 Lineup; 2018 Dissertation Support Award Competition Announcement
Research Newsletter Vol 11 Iss 1 January 2018 PDF From the Membership: The Thriving Marketer (Lynn Yanyo); From the Membership: Next Members Meeting (Lynn Yanyo); ISBM Fellow Feature: B2B Firm’s Shift from Outside to Inside Sales Structures (Rob Palmatier); Invitation to EMAC 2018 and B2B Sig; ISBM PhD Camp; and Academic Conference 2018; Call for Nominations: 2018 ISBM David T. Wilson Sheth Foundation Award for Long Term Impact in B2B Marketing
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Research Newsletter Vol 10, Iss 2 August 2017 The Thriving Marketer: Creating Relational Capital & Optimism; IPSS Fall 2017 Lineup; IPSS 10th Anniversary; 2016 Doctoral Support Competition Winners; Institute Personal Notes.
Research Newsletter Vol 9 Iss 2 July 2016 PDF Feature: The Chief Marketing Officer Matters! Even in B2B Firms…(Frank Germann), From the Membership: Big Talk: The Stakeholder Value Chain 2016 Spring Member’s Meeting (Suzanne Lavin), Venkatesan and Kumar win Inaugural ISBM-David T. Wilson-Sheth Foundation Award for Long Term Impact in B2B Marketing, IPSS Update: Fall Lineup, B2B PhD Camp for Research and Academic Conference…Still Time to Register, B2B Academic Conference Session Preview
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Research Newsletter Vol 8 Iss 4 November 2015 PDF Feature: The B2B Innovation Imperative comments from new ISBM Fellow George Day; Feature: Once Upon a Time…Storytelling for Business Marketers comments from new ISBM Fellow Mohan Sawhney; From the Membership: The Innovative Marketer; IPSS Update: Spring Lineup; B2B Pulse; Dates for Biennial B2B PhD Camp and Academic Conference
Research Newsletter Vol 8 Iss 3 August 2015 PDF Survey Finds a Strong, Loyal Membership That’s Hungry for Change; ISBM in Transition; From the Membership: New Markets, New Marketing, New Marketer; 2015 Doctoral Awards Competition Call for Submissions; IPSS Fall Lineup.
Research Newsletter Vol 8 Iss 2 May 2015 PDF Memorial to David T. Wilson; Welcoming ISBM’s New Executive Director Suzanne Lavin; Analysis, Analytics, and Answers B2B; B2B Data Analytics…Creating Research-Practice Synergies; IPSS Fall 2015 Lineup; 2014 Doctoral Support Award Winners
Research Newsletter Vol 8 Iss 1 January 2015 PDF In this issue, January 2015; Commercialization of Innovation – The Critical Role of Sales Force (Michael Ahearne); B2B Leadership Board Update: B2B Marketing: Now is the Time (Fred Wiersema); From the Membership: Frameworks Tools and Cases: Building Better Linkages between Marketing, Sales, and Innovation to Drive Profitable Growth (Ralph Oliva); IPSS Update, Spring 2015 Course Lineup (Raj Grewal)
Research Newsletter Vol 7 Iss 2 August 2014 PDF ISBM-B2B Customer Analytics Program; From the Membership: Building Stronger Linkages: Marketing, Sales, and Innovation; IPSS Fall 2014 Lineup; B2B Leadership Board Update: Thoughts on Disseminating Research Insights; 2014 ISBM Doctoral Support Award Competition: Call for Submissions; Highlights from the ISBM Ph.D. Student Research Camp; Reflections on the 2014 ISBM B2B Academic Conference
Research Newsletter Vol 7 Iss 1 May 2014 PDF 1. B2B Leadership Board Update: B2B Buying Behavior, Emerging Themes for Research and Practice, 2. Customer Analytics: The Third Pillar, 3. 2013 ISBM Doctoral Support Competition Winners Announced, 4. IPSS Update: Spring Lineup, 5. From the Membership: The B2B Customer Experience, The Last and Only Real Differentiator?, 6. San Francisco State University to Host 2014 ISBM B2B Academic Conference, Register Now, 7. ISBM Ph.D Student Camp for Research in B2B Markets – July 2014
Research Newsletter Vol 6 Iss 3 December 2013 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published December 2013. B2B Leadership Board Update (Buying Decisions, Behaviors, and Patterns in Business Markets: A Call to Action), From the Membership (Points of Focus: Lessons and Insights from 30 Years of ISBM Research, Practice, and Progress), PhD Student Camp for Research in B2B, San Francisco State University to Host 2014 ISBM B2B Academic Conference, IPSS 2014 Spring Lineup.
Research Newsletter Vol 6 Iss 2 July 2013 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published July 2013. B2B Marketing in China: Challenges and Strategies, B2B Leadership Board Update (ISBM’s Research Priority: Marketing’s Role in B2B Innovation), From the Membership (ISBM’s 30th Anniversary), Celebrating 30 Years-An ISBM Timeline, IPSS Fall 2013 Lineup, EFMD Case Competition in B2B Markets, 2013 Doctoral Support Award Competion.
Research Newsletter Vol 6 Iss 1 February 2013 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published February 2013. Made in India vs. India Inside: Two Paths to Global Impact, 2012 Doctoral Support Winners, B2B Leadership Board Update (The Spotlight on Innovation and Marketing’s Role), IPSS Update, From the Membership (From Data to Insight to Action: Mobilizing Customer and Market Insight to Drive Profitable Growth in B2B).
Research Newsletter Vol 5 Iss 3 November 2012 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published November 2012. B2B Leadership Board Update (Innovation to Drive Customer Growth), Contemplating Trust, Confidence, and Loyalty in B2B Relationships, Highlights of the ISBM September 2012 Members Meeting, IPSS Spring 2013 Lineup.
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Research Newsletter Vol 4 Iss 3 December 2011 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published December 2011. B2B Leadership Board: Shaping What’s Next in B2B’s Future, Relevant Marketing Knowledge: Moving From Findings to Application in B2B Firms, Rethinking and Reinventing Innovation: Sometimes It’s “In the Box” Thinking That’s Most Important, Ph.D. Student Camp for Research in B-to-B Markets to be held August 2012, University of Chicago to Host 2012 ISBM B-to-B Academic Conference.
Research Newsletter Vol 4 Iss 2 September 2011 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published September 2011. Handbook of Business to Business Marketing in Production, Upcoming Members’ Meeting – Reinventing Innovation: Driving Growth Beyond the Core Product in Business Markets, IPSS Update: ISBM Ph.D. Summer Series Fall 2011, 2011 Doctoral Support Competition.
Research Newsletter Vol 4 Iss 1 March 2011 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published March 2011. SEI-ISBM Educational Resource Portal Launch, B2B Handbook Announcement, 2010 Doctoral Support Winners, Highlights from the 17th ISBM Winter Meeting: Marketing for Organic Growth in the New B-to-B Global Economy, MSI 50 Years: “Ideas” Challenge in Celebration of MSI’s 50th Anniversary.
Research Newsletter Vol 3 Iss 3 December 2010 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published December 2010. Kohli and Zoltners Inducted as Newest ISBM Fellows; Becoming Market Oriented; A Case for More Research in the Sales Force Space; Marketing, Sales and Organic Growth; 2010 ISBM B-to-B Academic Conference Trifecta: Reflections; IPSS update: ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series.
Research Newsletter Vol 3 Iss 2 July 2010 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published July 2010. B2B PhD Camp, Conference Highlight 2010 Summer Schedule; Planning Business-to-Business Research for the Review Process; Announcing Next ISBM Members Meeting; 2010 ISBM Dissertation Aware Competition Deadline; IPSS Update: ISBM PhD Seminar Series.
Research Newsletter Vol 2 Iss 3 November 2009 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published November 2009. New ISBM Fellows Inducted at Annual ISBM Members’ Meeting, Marketing Without Intelligence, Salespeople as Relationship Managers, Insights and Ideas from the ISBM Summer Members Meeting, IPSS Update: ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series, B-to-B Ph.D. Student Research Camp 2010, Harvard to Host 2010 ISBM B-to-B Academic Conference.
Research Newsletter Vol 2 Iss 2 July 2009 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published July 2009. No Apology for B2B Lab Research, Frameworks for Thinking Through the New Media and B-to-B, 2009 ISBM Doctoral Award Competition, B-to-B Ph.D. Research Camp AND Biennial Academic Conference at Harvard Business School, IPSS Update: ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series.
Research Newsletter Vol 2 Iss 1 February 2009 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published February 2009. ISBM Data Resources Program Survey, Some Suggestions for Doing Social Network Research in B-to-B Marketing, 2008 ISBM Dissertation Award Winners, B-to-B Marketing in Turbulent Times: Perspectives from Mplanet, Ph.D. Student Camp 2009, IPSS Update: ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series, Academic Job Market.
Research Newsletter Vol 1 Iss 4 November 2008 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published November 2008. PhD Student Camp 2009, ISBM Research: A 25th Anniversary Perspective, ISBM Data Resources Program, University of Houston to Host Educational Resources Program, Reflections on the 2008 ISBM Academic Conference, IPSS Update: ISBM PhD Seminar Series.
Research Newsletter Vol 1 Iss 3 July 2008 PDF ISBM academic newsletter published July 2008. ISBM Academic Conference, DRP Update, Status Update on the ISBM Educational Resources Program, ISBM Dissertation Support Competition 2008, ISBM 25th Anniversary Members’ Meeting, Journal of Marketing Editor Q&A, IPSS Update: ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series.
Research Newsletter Vol 1 Iss 2 May 2008 PDF ISBM Research newsletter published May 2008. BtoB Questions for JM Editor Kohli, IPSS Update: ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series, 2008 Academic Conference Schedule, ISBM Trends Study: It All Starts with Deeper Customer Understanding.
Research Newsletter Vol 1 Iss 1 February 2008 PDF ISBM academic research newsletter published February 2008. IPSS Update: ISBM Ph.D. Seminar Series, ISBM Data Resources Program, ISBM Educational Resources Program, ISBM Dissertation Support Award and 2007 Winners, ISBM B-to-B Ph.D. Student Research Camp 2007 and Upcoming in 2009, From the Membership, 2008 Academic Conference, Cross-Sectional Versus Longitudinal Survey Research.