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The Times They Are A-Changin’, And A-Changin’, And A-Changin’ (Lou Carbone)

Today, more than ever, we must adapt, be agile, and develop a new perspective that is populated with new tools and deeper insights. Organizations looking at customer and employee engagement must rethink value creation based on their experiences and the impressions they make. In this talk, we’ll look at the evolution of tools and perspectives that move from V 1.0 to V 2.0 of your customer and employee experience.

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The Case for a More Strategic Approach to Customer Experience Management (Ralph Cummins)

Global market dynamics and trends have changed the B2B success playbook forever. Commoditization, pricing pressure, channel complexity, customer demands for knowledge, and more have all combined the way we think about how we engage and deliver value to customers.  B2B customers, facing the same pressures, are looking for new and better ways to partner with their suppliers, thus creating the need for B2B marketers to take a more strategic approach to the experience they deliver. In this session, we examine the case for rethinking your approach to experience management in order to deliver mutual value. 

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The Customer Experience Edge (Volker Hildebrand)

In today’s digital economy information technology is playing a critical role in how companies can gain a competitive edge. The digital transformation is impacting every industry and at the epicenter of this change is the customer experience, which will redefine every company’s business model and how they deliver value. In this session we discuss both technology and (empowered) customers as the driving forces of digital transformation, how it is impacting marketing, sales & service and the entire supply chain. We talk about data as the digital fuel and provide multiple case studies of how companies leverage the latest technologies – including AI, IoT, mobile, cloud – to engage with their customers and gain a customer experience edge.

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Making the Invisible Visible: How Parata is Living Their Brand (Dawn Astorino)

Parata’s pharmacy automation solutions ensure safety, accuracy, and efficiency. A few years ago, Parata transformed their business to better align with the larger health care market and position the company for future growth and new opportunities. This restructuring left Parata’s new leadership team with two daunting challenges: disengaged employees and skeptical customers.  Learn how Parata refreshed their brand experience; defined customer experiences; and measured results through bottom-line impact.