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Diversity Training: Does it Remedy Unconscious Bias?

Racism has, unfortunately, affected businesses for years. Customers, employees, managers, and CEOs all may find themselves in situations in which racism plays a role. Many companies consider sending their employees to a diversity training. But are these diversity programs effective? This article from Knowledge at Wharton – from 2018, but more current than ever – discusses unconscious bias and ways to combat it.  


McKinsey: Reskill Your Workforce to Emerge from the Crisis Stronger

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, across industries, the workforce needs to adapt to changing conditions. Workers get new roles, activities change. The workforce need to be upskilled in order to deliver adapted business models. This article by McKinsey drafts how companies can develop a talent strategies that develops employees’ capabilities and resilience.

War for Talent (John Martin)

The numbers tell the story: Record low unemployment. No growth in workers ages 25-54 for the next decade. Slow immigration. The Age Shift. It’s little wonder we’re in an all-out war for qualified talent. In this fast-paced and engaging session, John will share the Institute for Tomorrow’s insights on how to win the war for workers.

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CRAVE: You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes By Friday (Greg Lederman)

In this highly interactive keynote by Gregg Lederman, supervisors, managers, and executives commit to the 10 Minutes By Friday™ habit for giving people more of what they CRAVE! In return, they become better managers and leaders who are able to achieve the business results that matter most to their team, department, and/or organization.

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Putting Lifelong Learning on the CEO Agenda

This article in the latest McKinsey Quarterly explores ways that individuals can prepare to handle the information rich tools and complex decisions of their new workload. Self-investment in lifelong learning is going to be the key to managing the next disruption in the work place.

Bringing Millennials to Meaning (Nell Derick Debevoise)

Millennials – born between 1981 and 1997 – are the largest generation in the workplace today. They’re at B2B organizations too, and like each generation, they have unique needs, strengths, and expectations from their employers. A driving force in the Millennial character is their ambition to do good and find meaning in their work. They, more than any previous generation, believe that business has a responsibility to do good for society, as well as making money. This tech savvy, entrepreneurial generation is often seen as a challenge for employers, but represents huge potential for innovation and growth if properly engaged. In this one hour webinar, Nell Derick Debevoise discusses how you can take advantage of this Millennial opportunity by helping them find meaning in their work.