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Partnering with Nonprofits to Confront a Crisis (Ballesteros and Gatignon)

The private sector cannot wait and see until the COVID-19 storm is over. They need to act, and be part of the solution. Helping out now may regain the trust that the private sector has lost recently, by demonstrating its ability of mobilizing resources, generating innovations, and scaling them up fast. However, in doing so, firms should consider the unique abilities of the nonprofit sector in times of disaster and crises.

Strategies for Making Partnerships Work (Sandy Jap)

If partnering holds the promise of all things good, why do partnerships and alliances fail so often? Sandy Jap will explore the dark side of partnering relationships:  why “friends” become “enemies” over time, with research insights and case studies from Samsung/Google, Nike/Footlocker and more. Most importantly, she will offer specific recommendations for avoiding problems, revitalizing weakening partnerships, and recognizing when a partnership can’t be saved.

ISBM Academic Newsletter, Volume 10, Issue 1

In this Issue (January 2017):
– Building Lasting Partnerships (Sandy Jap)
– Feature: Marketing In Recessions (Raji Srinivasan)
– From the Membership: Big Talk: Brand 2016 Fall Member’s Meeting (Suzanne Lavin)
– Reflections on the 2016 Institute for the Study of Business Markets B2B Academic Conference
– Highlights from the 2016 PhD Student Camp for Research
– IPSS Update: Spring Lineup (Hari Sridhar)
– BMM-EMAC Conference Announcement