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Winning At New Products (Robert Cooper)

Based on the webinar leader’s book by the same title, “Winning at New Products” this webinar looks at the latest thinking and best practices in new-product development. Also, we see the most up-to-date Stage-Gate system and how it works. A must for anyone wanting to improve their R&D productivity or to update their idea-to-launch methods, especially critical as we move into Digital Transformation.

Agile-State-Gate (Robert Cooper)

Robert Cooper gives you a preview of his course “Agile-Stage-Gate®, the Next Generation Idea-to-Launch Process”, in which the Stage-Gate® paradigm is advanced for agile working teams. Agile is transforming new product development systems with its cross-functional teams and iterative, adaptive approach. Although originating in the software industry, this course is for product manufacturers and service providers looking to adopt agile systems. 

In this webinar, you get a preview on the following insights:
– Understand how and why leading firms are moving beyond their traditional Stage-Gate® process
– Build Agile project management into your idea-to-launch gating system
– Learn how to build experimentation and iterations into your projects – get rapid customer validation of your product
– See how to pick the best development projects for maximum productivity and focus