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Marketing the Future: How Data Analytics Is Changing

As consumers become more aware of data gathering efforts by firms, companies have been forced to evolve in their data analytics efforts. The article highlights current developments in the data analytics domain.


The 2020 State of Digital Marketing

As digital marketing trends continue to evolve, Altimeter provides an overview of results following a survey of senior digital marketers. The findings outline current and future areas of focus for digital marketers.

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B2B Research Webinar Series – Automating the B2B Salesperson Pricing Decisions: A Human-Machine Hybrid Approach

This presentation is from a former ISBM Doctoral Support Competition Winner, Yael Karlinsky Shichor. Yael is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Northeastern University.

During this 1 hour webinar, Yael presents her research “Automating the B2B Salesperson Pricing Decisions: A Human-Machine Hybrid Approach” for about 30 minutes, followed by comments and feedback from the discussant, Olivier Rubel from the University of California Davis. The remainder of the time is spent on Q&A between the attendees and the presenter.

Modern Business Models

This article, focusing on AI, platforms, and network effects, distinguishes between products that are “like air” (that one needs continuously and is critical for survival) versus “like hair cuts” (that one needs only once in a while and can do without). The authors describe the notion of a ‘modern business model’, and demonstrates how these companies are more resilient. 

The Digital Transformation of Buyer/Supplier Dynamics

Our own Stefan Wuyts – Director of the ISBM and Full Professor of Marketing – was recently interviewed by on digitalization. The interview covers online platforms, buying groups, and the future (if any) of tradeshows. Whatever the future holds – the B2B buying process will be very different in the future. 

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Which Problems to Solve With Blockchain Technology

Knowing how blockchain technology can support organizations’ strategies is important to avoid making costly investments – and to avoid missing out on valuable opportunities. In this article, Toppo Felin and Karim Lakhani describe the basic distributed digital ledger technology underlying blockchain. Next, the authors describe which types of problems can be solved with blockchain technology. Examples include payment for intellectual property rights, the establishment of historical ownership of tangible products, and the tracing of raw materials and components across the supply chain.

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Data Wrapping: A New Way to Increase a Product’s Value Proposition

Data wrapping is the practice of giving data and analytics to customers as product features and customer experiences, with the goal of increasing a product’s value proposition. The users of these data wrapping functionalities are the company’s customers – not the employees. And as this is a customer oriented feature being a part of the product offering, the product road map is lead by product owners – not IT. It is an interesting strategy to monetize data – in a way that extends the product value proposition.