Coordinating Marketing and Sales in B2B Organizations

Author(s): Frank Cespedes

Excerpt from the Handbook of Business-to-Business Marketing (Edited by Gary L. Lilien, Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science, The Pennsylvania State University and Rajdeep Grewal, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, US). Complete book available at

This chapter focuses on the topic of the coordination of marketing and sales activities in B2B organizations. It first provides a brief historical overview of the topic, including the recurring prescriptive advice that has been offered to practitioners and why this advice seems to have limited usefulness. This chapter then reviews some common delineations of marketing and sales activities in companies and their implications: both groups have inherent interdependencies and necessary differences. It concludes with a discussion of what some B2B companies have done to improve coordination between their marketing and sales functions, as well as some suggestions for further research.
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