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A Better Way to Price B2B Offerings

While B2B suppliers often feel that they must compete on price alone, they have an ability to extract a higher price from their B2B customers and provide greater customer value by focusing on all of the offerings that they provide.


Two Steps: A Primer on B2B Experiments

Although business-to-business settings provide ample opportunity for research that uses experiments, they are seldom used. Approaches for integrating experimental insights into research is discussed.


Marketing the Future: How Data Analytics Is Changing

As consumers become more aware of data gathering efforts by firms, companies have been forced to evolve in their data analytics efforts. The article highlights current developments in the data analytics domain.


The 2020 State of Digital Marketing

As digital marketing trends continue to evolve, Altimeter provides an overview of results following a survey of senior digital marketers. The findings outline current and future areas of focus for digital marketers.

lost customer

How B2B Companies Can Win Back Customers They’ve Lost

Trends in the B2B world allow customers to continuously evaluate their relationships with their suppliers. Reacquiring lost customers can often be rewarding for B2B suppliers. The article outlines several customer reacquisition building blocks.


If Pandemic Productivity Is Up, Why Is Innovation Slowing Down?

The pandemic has caused a shift to remote work, which, surprisingly, has led to stable or increased productivity for many companies. However, many now suffer from decreased innovation, an issue that can be addressed with creative solutions that foster collaboration.


Is Your Marketing Organization Ready for What’s Next?

The ever-changing social, economic, and public health landscape has made marketing a more complex discipline than ever before. Rodríguez-Vilá, Bharadwaj, Morgan, and Mitra (2020) use extensive surveying and interviewing methods to better understand how marketers have traditionally attempted to transform their organizations in evolving landscapes.

Modern Business Models

This article, focusing on AI, platforms, and network effects, distinguishes between products that are “like air” (that one needs continuously and is critical for survival) versus “like hair cuts” (that one needs only once in a while and can do without). The authors describe the notion of a ‘modern business model’, and demonstrates how these companies are more resilient. 

The Digital Transformation of Buyer/Supplier Dynamics

Our own Stefan Wuyts – Director of the ISBM and Full Professor of Marketing – was recently interviewed by on digitalization. The interview covers online platforms, buying groups, and the future (if any) of tradeshows. Whatever the future holds – the B2B buying process will be very different in the future.