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Creating a Customer-Centric Culture (Ed O’Boyle)

Speaker(s): Ed O’Boyle (Gallup)
Presentation Date: August 2018
As B2B industries have become increasingly commoditized, B2B companies have recognized the need for establishing a different type of relationship with their customers. Simply selling and delivering on a good set of products is no longer enough. B2B companies need to become partners with their customers, helping those customers address some of their most pressing business challenges. This had led to the proliferation of value-added services and solutions across B2B industries. It has also forced B2B companies to rethink how they manage their accounts to be customer-centric. This session will explore what it takes for B2B organizations to optimize their customer relationships to create a customer-centric culture and how focusing on your entire ecosystem can help unlock new ideas and growth opportunities for your organization and energize your culture.

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