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B2B Business Branding

A critical disconnect exists between what customers report caring about and what B2B firms emphasize in their branding efforts.

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Making the Invisible Visible: How Parata is Living Their Brand (Dawn Astorino)

Parata’s pharmacy automation solutions ensure safety, accuracy, and efficiency. A few years ago, Parata transformed their business to better align with the larger health care market and position the company for future growth and new opportunities. This restructuring left Parata’s new leadership team with two daunting challenges: disengaged employees and skeptical customers.  Learn how Parata refreshed their brand experience; defined customer experiences; and measured results through bottom-line impact.

Brand Safety (Raji Srinivasan)

Brands want their ads to run against content they’re proud to associate with. But because of the programmatic nature of most digital advertising, brands have been forced to hand over control of ad placement to the algorithms of companies like Google and Facebook. Unfortunately, some brands have been seeing their advertisements placed next to extremist or controversial content just because those pieces are generating a lot of engagement or activity. Companies in every market need to ensure the safety of their brand by assuring the quality and nature of the content that brands are running ads against, some of which may be offensive and hurt the brand’s reputation. This webinar by Professor Raji Srinivasan will highlight strategies that companies can employ to ensure the safety of their brands.

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Organic Growth Demands a Strong Organizational Identity

Much has been written about the importance of understanding the customer journey. B2B companies need to equip their employees with a solid understanding of the company’s purpose in order to be truly customer centric. This two part article in the Gallup Business Journal explores how changing the internal culture can deliver a better experience all around.

Principles and Best Practices in Brand Portfolio Strategy and Architecture (Mitch Duckler)

Brands represent a company’s most valuable intangible asset, and as such must be managed strategically. This requires developing a thoughtful brand portfolio strategy; one that defines the optimal number, scope and strategic role for each brand within the portfolio. Only then can more tactical brand architecture decisions be made, such as: 1) how brands should relate to one another, 2) when a corporate brand should endorse a product brand, and 3) whether and to what extent visual identity and other expression elements should be shared across brands. This webinar helps participants understand the key components that comprise a brand portfolio strategy, and how these components relate to and inform brand architecture decision-making. In doing so, it leverages best practices, guiding principles, and real-world examples.