Principles and Best Practices in Brand Portfolio Strategy and Architecture (Mitch Duckler)

Speaker(s): Mitch Duckler (FullSurge)
Presentation Date: November 2017
Brands represent a company’s most valuable intangible asset, and as such must be managed strategically. This requires developing a thoughtful brand portfolio strategy; one that defines the optimal number, scope and strategic role for each brand within the portfolio. Only then can more tactical brand architecture decisions be made, such as: 1) how brands should relate to one another, 2) when a corporate brand should endorse a product brand, and 3) whether and to what extent visual identity and other expression elements should be shared across brands. This webinar helps participants understand the key components that comprise a brand portfolio strategy, and how these components relate to and inform brand architecture decision-making. In doing so, it leverages best practices, guiding principles, and real-world examples.

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