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Book: The Interaction Field

In “The Interaction Field,” Vivaldi CEO and professor Erich Joachimsthaler explains that the only way to thrive in this environment is through the Interaction Field model. Companies who embrace this model generate, facilitate, and benefit from data exchanges among multiple people and groups–from customers and stakeholders, but also from those you wouldn’t expect to be in the mix, like suppliers, software developers, regulators, and even competitors. And everyone in the field works together to solve big, industry-wide, or complex and unpredictable societal problems.

The Relative Influence of Economic and Relational Direct Marketing Communications on Buying Behavior in B2B Markets (Kim and Kumar)

B2B firms spend significant resources in direct marketing to manage their customer relationships. Firms should understand how customers evaluate these organizational marketing communications, which ultimately affect their buying behaviors. Based on four years of customer relationship management data of a Fortune 500 B2B service firm, Kim and Kumar (2018) built a model that aids B2B firms to strategically allocate marketing resources across economic and relational value messaging.

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United Nations is Crowdsourcing Communication Solutions in the COVID-19 Crisis

Focusing on the communication process, the United Nations has initiated a global crowdsourcing campaign to collect ideas that can help against the spread of COVID-19. Given the global nature of the call, the hope is that this will lead to work that will engage and inform people across different cultures, languages, communities and platforms. 

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Branding in B2B Firms

B2B branding is just as important to business buyers as B2C branding is to consumers. Yet, it seems that many B2B businesses do a poor job of developing and managing their corporate brands, sub-brands and other brands. The goal of this chapter is to answer the following questions to help B2B firms do a better job of branding: 1) Why do B2B firms often fail to make good use of branding? 2) Which major B2B firms make very good use of branding? 3) What does a B2B firm need to know about branding as a starting point? 4) What steps should a B2B firm take if it wants to build a strong brand?

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Trade Shows in the Business Marketing Communications Mix

Trade shows continue to occupy a prominent position within the B2B communications mix. This chapter on trade shows first provides an overview of the impact of the technological revolution on traditional trade show strategies. Next, relevant knowledge on trade shows along three perspectives is reviewed, starting with the exhibitor perspective where we cover issues related to the planning and execution of trade show strategy, followed by the viewpoints of trade show attendees and show management. The chapter concludes with an overview of implications and opportunities for academic research in this domain, as well as lessons for managers.