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isbm b2b research webinar series

B2B Research Webinar Series – Alliance Portfolio Distance and Its Influence on IPO Performance (Shilpa Somrajis )

Our first presentation will be from one of the ISBM 2019 Doctoral Support Competition Winners, Shilpa Somraj from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her research work is titled Alliance Portfolio Distance and Its Influence on IPO Performance.

During this 1 hour webinar, the presenter will discuss their research for about 30 minutes. Then, a discussant will spend 10-15 minutes providing feedback on the research, followed by Q&A.  This session discussant is Guiyang Xiong from Syracuse University.

marketing in uncertain times town hall

Marketing in Uncertain Times – How To Thrive in the New Remote Engagement World (Jip Inglis, Steve Hurley and Matt Leary)

This session of Marketing in Uncertain Times Town Hall focuses on skills, tips, and tools you can use to thrive in our new remote environment and stay engaged and build rapport when you can’t be face-to-face.  Hear from expert panelists Jip Inglis, Ascension Growth & Innovation Strategies, Steve Hurley and Matt Leary, Solutions Insights, Inc.  with moderator/ISBM Executive Director, Lynn Yanyo. A replay of the event is available.

Marketing in Uncertain Times – Managing Communications in Crisis (Andrea Coville and Tom Kramer)

“There are many crisis environments where “laying low” is a sound strategy. This is not one of them.” – Andrea Coville, CEO of Brodeur Partners as part of ISBM’s Marketing in Uncertain Times Town Hall Series. Andrea joined with B2B and B2C marketing expert Tom Kramer, founder and CEO of Essex Digital Platform, to show how businesses are still under-communicating to both customers and employees, why this high risk strategy needs to change, and how to leverage effective communications now and in the future.