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Marketing in Uncertain Times – a Town Hall Expert Panel Discussion (Joanne Smith, Sandy Jap, and Erich Joachimsthaler)

ISBM’s introductory episode of the Marketing in Uncertain Times series was an insightful look at the power of pricing , channels, and B2B Business Strategy during a time of crisis and disruption. ISBM partner and instructor, Ralph Cummins of EMM Group moderated this panel discussion addressing these areas of concern with candid responses of practical advice and foresight. Highlights of this Town Hall include pricing power, ‘Survivalist Entrepreneurship’, and the focus on existing customers.

Common Pitfalls of Value Pricing and How to Avoid Them (Joanne Smith)

Many B2B companies are embracing value-based pricing due to its large potential to increase profitability, yet many of these companies struggle to achieve these profits. They may start out strong, achieving price increases for a few products, but ultimately have difficulty getting their organizations to embrace, implement and/or sustain the value-based pricing journey. In this webinar, Joanne shares her insights on common pitfalls that she sees numerous B2B companies fall into as they begin their value-based pricing, marketing and sales journeys.

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Keeping “Be Yourself” Part of Your Brand (George Brown)

“We strayed too far from home” is one of the explanations often heard about product development initiatives that failed to result in success.  But for many business-to-business firms, especially those whose roots are in manufacturing, staying close to home has become a major challenge in recent years, given the emphasis that has emerged on digital content and on services. This webinar by George Brown of B-to-B Advisors explores strategies that firms have successfully incorporated into their product development initiatives to marry their own firm’s core competencies with the messages from the market that are asking for them to move in new directions.

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Converting Value Pricing and Value Selling Capabilities into Growth and Profits (James Anderson)

Today, everyone wants to be on top of value pricing and value selling. Despite some positive results from your investments of money and time to build value selling and pricing capabilities, your organization has fallen short of its goals.  Was it all hype?  Or are there obstacles that your organization hasn’t fully addressed. In the interactive session lead by moderator James Anderson and panelists Todd Snelgrove and Eric Berggren, you will get 3 different perspectives on the 5 most overlooked barriers that prevent firms from becoming the customer value leader in their market. 


Diagnosing Your B2B Growth (Dan Adams)

What are the top 3 drivers of B2B organic growth? (Hint: B2B-optimized customer interviews is #3). You’ll learn how 24 growth drivers stack up in this AIM Institute research… based on over 10,000 years of professional experience. But which are the right drivers for your company to pursue right now? That’s where this new B2B Growth Diagnostic—a free service for ISBM webcast attendees—comes in. You can benchmark your company on the same 24 growth drivers against average, top quartile and top decile companies. No need to hire a growth consultant: This free research and diagnostic lets you quickly and easily plan the best growth path for your business. Dan Adams of the AIM Institute explains how in this webinar.

Capturing Customer Loyalty (John Larson)

In work done across a broad series of different industries, including both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, it is found that creating strong levels of customer loyalty leads to greater sales and profit growth. We find that truly loyal customers give you a greater share of their business, are less price-sensitive, are cheaper to serve and are more willing to recommend your products and services to others. For one client we found that their truly loyal customers were over eight times more profitable than their average customer.

This webinar by John Larson will present these findings and then discuss how to handle three critical challenges that companies face when they try to increase customer loyalty.

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Dynamic Pricing in a Digital World (Manish Prabhu)

Successful pricers have started to piece together the digital bread crumbs to now provide a digitized version of the traditional pricing solution. A dynamic pricing solution provides customized price recommendations that are in line with the context of the product(s) / customer segments and associated pricing power. Come join us as we discuss approaches, techniques and outcomes from using digital enablers to provide dynamic support to a complex and complicated market place. Prabhu Mishra (Deloitte) presents how to use the traditional framework (identify business value, price to value & capture price) with a digital twist as we apply modern day analytics and capabilities to defend and enhance the traditional sources of price value and premium.

AI Within Reach: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Making It Work For You (Jessica Fewless)

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all been using artificial intelligence (AI) for years to make our daily lives easier (think Siri). But it wasn’t until recently that Sales and Marketing organizations began realizing the power of AI to drive measurable business outcomes. While surveyed marketers believe AI will be transformative, fewer than 20 percent are actually using AI-powered applications today. All that is about to change and it’ll be easier than you might think. Watch this session with Lisa Ames to see real-life examples of sales and marketing organizations using AI and learn how you can:
– Boost pipeline generation by leveraging AI-powered applications
– Improve alignment by empowering your sales team with AI-driven insights
– Overcome the pitfalls that prevent companies from using AI successfully