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Marketing in Uncertain Times – a Town Hall Expert Panel Discussion (Joanne Smith, Sandy Jap, and Erich Joachimsthaler)

ISBM’s introductory episode of the Marketing in Uncertain Times series was an insightful look at the power of pricing , channels, and B2B Business Strategy during a time of crisis and disruption. ISBM partner and instructor, Ralph Cummins of EMM Group moderated this panel discussion addressing these areas of concern with candid responses of practical advice and foresight. Highlights of this Town Hall include pricing power, ‘Survivalist Entrepreneurship’, and the focus on existing customers.

Overcoming Manufacturer-Distributor Barriers in Today’s Internet-Enabled Market (Rick Wilson)

Last year, our membership expressed interest in improving practices in channel distribution.  And so we partnered with Rick Wilson, visiting scholar and former professor at Kellogg School of Management, and the National Association of Wholesalers-Distributors to conduct groundbreaking research.  The goal of the research was to identify fresh perspectives and best practices so these stakeholders can strengthen their relationship and drive incremental growth.

We are proud to announce that the research is complete and the results are fascinating! One such finding is that commoditization is an internal, versus an external force, which means you have the power to end it. In this one-hour webinar, researcher Rick Wilson shares three of the more compelling findings, and provides you with some tips and tools on how you can apply the learnings in your organization.