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Strategies to Connect with Barricaded Buyers (Chase and Murtha)

When responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) in both the public and the private sector, suppliers’ access to buyers is often restricted due to law and informal rules of engagement. The authors term these buyers ‘barricaded buyers’. Despite having limited access to these individuals, suppliers can still increase their competitiveness and selection likelihood when selling to barricaded buyers. 


The Challenges Online Supply Management Tools Pose for B2B Marketers (James Narus & Michelle Steward)

This presentation reports on the results from a series of over 75 personal interviews and from over 1500 completed electronic questionnaires gathered from purchasing and supply managers in a variety of industries across the US. Based on the findings, the most commonly used tools and related analyses customer managers employ in major stages of the buying process are identified and discussed in detail.

Marketing and Procurement (Amy Haney)

In this presentation, the role of strategic sourcing and category management at Abbott Labs is presented. The 5-points of purpose have a special role in Abbott Labs’ procurement strategy.