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VOC in the Age of COV

In the age of COVID-19, should companies still engage in market research? Should companies – perhaps better put, how can companies do market research? Could the current crisis even benefit companies that want to field the voice of the customer? Gerry Katz – Vice Chairman of Applied Marketing Science – is an expert of the topic of VOC (Voice of the Customer). He weighs in on how the COVID-19 crisis affects market research. 

C’mon Is There Really Such a Thing as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning (Gerry Katz and Kristyn Corrigan)

Recently, research has shown that computers can extract customer needs and insights from freely available customer-generated online content and even intentionally sought content drawn from surveys, interview transcripts, and customer feedback systems. And it can usually do it faster, cheaper, and better than human beings. This webinar demonstrates how it works, both theoretically and in practice, and will include an actual case example to show how it was used to uncover several never-before-considered, game-changing insights.

Voice of the Customer (Gerry Katz)

In this 45-minute webinar, Gerry Katz, founder of Applied Marketing Inc., shares with you a preview to his course  (held on October 11th & 12th in Chicago), on the Voice of the Customer. This highly-regarded course is designed to teach attendees how to use Voice of the Customer data to accelerate innovation in business-to-business markets.