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Case Study Research in Business-to-Business Contexts: Theory and Methods

This chapter presents elementary and advanced methods relevant for conducting applied case study research within business and other (inter)organizational contexts. The chapter advocates adopting particular perspectives including the necessity of being there—going into real-life contexts where individual thinking, intra-organizational exchanges, and inter-organizational exchanges are occurring. The objectives of applied case study research are to describe and understand what is happening, as well as to build and test predictive models that accurately forecasts decisions and actions relevant to specific contexts. The chapter presents theory and use for six applied case-study-research methods.

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B2B2C Market Segmentation (Robert Thomas)

A common complaint among firms is that B2B market segmentation does not really work that well. A possible reason may be that true market segmentation does not stop with one’s direct customer but should also include the customer’s customer and so on in a multi-level B2B2C market segmentation structure. A B2B2C market segmentation alignment may lead to innovative positioning, as well as, creative message levers for the sales force to use as an argument to gain advantage according to strategically aligned segment needs. Case studies will illustrate this approach.

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Building an Insights Culture in B2B2C (Matthew Rudd)

Many B2B suppliers are seeking the benefits of being more market-driven to aid both product innovation and commercial engagement for their consumer-driven customers.  This presentation is about how Lubrizol is developing an Insights culture and capability through a pragmatic approach, focused on selling and storytelling.

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Survey Research in B2B Marketing: Current Challenges and Emerging Opportunities

Since its earliest beginnings, and throughout its ongoing development, the marketing discipline in general and business-to-business research in specific has heavily relied upon the survey method. The advent of alternative data collection techniques has given us pause for thought with respect to the continued use of survey research methods. Our chapter seeks to provide an overview of survey methods as applied by marketing scholars in the business-to-business relationship context. We identify and address several challenges currently facing survey research. In addition, we outline several promising new developments in the conduct of, and analysis based on, survey research. Our hope is that a thoughtful and balanced consideration of the benefits, limitations, and future potential of survey research will serve current and future marketing scholars alike in their efforts to shed new light on business-to-business research.


Marketing Metrics for B2B Firms

Marketing managers face increasing accountability of their programs by their colleagues. Finance executives need to assess the payoffs of marketing investments. A recent McKinsey survey, presented at the Chief Marketing Officer Summit at Wharton, found that CEOs expect marketing leaders to not only cut costs but also increase contributions to growth. Across diverse industries, marketing and finance executives are under incredible pressure to make every dollar count. With this in mind, in this chapter, I will discuss approaches to allocating resources across marketing programs and evaluating the effectiveness of these programs, including the creation of intangible assets including, brands, channels and customer satisfaction. I will discuss methods to evaluate the financial impact of marketing expenditures, both in the short term and the long term, specifically for business to business firms. The chapter will touch on various topics including: Linking marketing metrics to financial metrics, assessing the ROI of alternative growth paths, what the CFO wants to hear from marketers, Brand as a platform strategy, Measuring brand value, Assessing the lifetime value of customers, Measuring the likelihood of repeat purchases, Measuring marketing assets and Measuring Customer satisfaction: linking drivers, outcomes, and profits.

ISBM Academic Newsletter, Volume 12

In this Issue (July 2019): 
– Feature: Using Experiments in B2B Research (Mahima Hada)
– From the Membership: The B2B Curriculum (Lynn Yanyo)
– 2018 Dissertation Support Award Competition Winners Announced
– 2019 Dissertation Support Award Competition Announcement
– IPSS Update: Fall & Spring Lineup ISBM PhD Camp and Academic Conference 2020


Best Practices for B2B Product Development Market Research (Richard Treitel)

This presentation outlines best practices for B2B product development market research and focuses on market research and its role in customer engagement; the 12 common errors in carrying out B2B market research; B2B market research practices that you can put into effect right away; B2B market research case studies; and a practical roadmap for implementation.

ISBM Academic Newsletter, Volume 11, Issue 2

In this Issue: 
– ISBM’s B2B Academic Conference and PhD Camp for Research in B2B Markets
– Feature: Choosing and Managing B2B Marketing Metrics (Andrew Petersen)
– From the Membership: Next Members Meeting Customer Engagement as a Differential in B2B Growth and Profitability (Lynn Yanyo)
– IPSS Update: Fall Lineup
– 2018 Dissertation Support Award Competition Announcement