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The Profitability of Proof

Most companies are not in the business of acting on hunches. Gut feelings aren’t usually the foundation of a growth strategy. But sometimes the evidence is hard to extract or even put to the test. This article from Ivey Business Journal gives guidance for decision makers who are ready to pursue data in a more aggressive and relevant way.

Delivering Organizational Value Through Analytics (Paul Costa)

Data-driven marketers report higher levels of customer engagement and market growth. Effective data-driven marketing is accompanied by listening and engaging with customers, in other words data-driven marketing is customer-centric marketing. The Cisco Customer Insights team will share its transformational journey as their marketing organization evolves to become more data-driven. The presentation covers how to go from the delivery of analytical models, research and insights, to success and demonstrating impact on business results – while being dependent on facilitating tight integration between organizations.

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Discovering the Truth About the Net Promoter Score (Jerry Thomas)

The promises of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) have captured the attention of many senior executives for the past 15 years, and NPS has risen to almost religious stature in the minds of some senior executives.  But are the assertions and promises of NPS true?  Or is NSP simply a good story that appeals to business leaders searching for clarity in a sea of confusion. This webinar by Jerry Thomas, President and CEO of Decision Analyst, discusses how NPS is calculated, review the strengths and weaknesses of the NPS formula, and suggest some other statistical approaches that might add value to customer satisfaction tracking data.