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State of B2B Marketing Report

The “Great Resignation,” a term coined to describe the uncharacteristically high rate of employees voluntary resigning from their jobs, has

What Sets Growth Leaders Apart From Growth Laggards?

What distinguishes growth leaders from growth laggards? In this interview, George Day and Gregory P. Shea discuss how organically growing firms successfully attract, nurture, and retain innovation talent. The commitment to innovation is ingrained in a firm’s culture and organizational structures and processes. Innovation talent is drawn to organizations with these characteristics. 

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Diversity Training: Does it Remedy Unconscious Bias?

Racism has, unfortunately, affected businesses for years. Customers, employees, managers, and CEOs all may find themselves in situations in which racism plays a role. Many companies consider sending their employees to a diversity training. But are these diversity programs effective? This article from Knowledge at Wharton – from 2018, but more current than ever – discusses unconscious bias and ways to combat it.  

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McKinsey: Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters

A report published by McKinsey (in May) on inclusion is highly relevant right now. In this report, McKinsey discusses the business case for inclusion and diversity. This report discussed concrete steps companies should take in order to increase diversity among their talent. In this report, four short case studies are included as well (Citigroup, Pentair, Target, and Lockheed Martin).

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Ideation When Social Distancing

Many employees are practicing social distancing by working from home. This new environment prevents the free flow of ideas, especially those originating from informal hallway conversations and coffee breaks. The lack of ideas coming from the organization hurts innovation processes and quite frankly, the main operations and firm practice too. How can we maintain the flow of ideas at a (social) distance? This article offers advice on maintaining connection, interaction, and idea generation in virtual settings.


Salesperson Effectiveness: A Behavioral Perspective

Salespeople are the principal vehicle through which B2B firms, particularly firms with a complex and differentiated offering, communicate and exchange information with their customers. Wotruba (1991) identifies the following roles for salespeople within a firm’s marketing program: (1) informer; (2) persuader; (3) problem solver; and (4) value creator. This chapter focuses on the different sets of knowledge, skills and abilities required by salespeople in the various roles.