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Salesperson Effectiveness: A Behavioral Perspective

Salespeople are the principal vehicle through which B2B firms, particularly firms with a complex and differentiated offering, communicate and exchange information with their customers. Wotruba (1991) identifies the following roles for salespeople within a firm’s marketing program: (1) informer; (2) persuader; (3) problem solver; and (4) value creator. This chapter focuses on the different sets of knowledge, skills and abilities required by salespeople in the various roles.

War for Talent (John Martin)

The numbers tell the story: Record low unemployment. No growth in workers ages 25-54 for the next decade. Slow immigration. The Age Shift. It’s little wonder we’re in an all-out war for qualified talent. In this fast-paced and engaging session, John will share the Institute for Tomorrow’s insights on how to win the war for workers.

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Marketing Careers by Design (Kelley Schlesinger)

Empower your employees to take ownership of their career by providing the tools they need to design their own development plans. Learn about how Sherwin-Williams has leveraged their partnership with ISBM to expand their suite of career development resources.

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The Times They Are A-Changin’, And A-Changin’, And A-Changin’ (Lou Carbone)

Today, more than ever, we must adapt, be agile, and develop a new perspective that is populated with new tools and deeper insights. Organizations looking at customer and employee engagement must rethink value creation based on their experiences and the impressions they make. In this talk, we’ll look at the evolution of tools and perspectives that move from V 1.0 to V 2.0 of your customer and employee experience.

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CRAVE: You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes By Friday (Greg Lederman)

In this highly interactive keynote by Gregg Lederman, supervisors, managers, and executives commit to the 10 Minutes By Friday™ habit for giving people more of what they CRAVE! In return, they become better managers and leaders who are able to achieve the business results that matter most to their team, department, and/or organization.

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Putting Lifelong Learning on the CEO Agenda

This article in the latest McKinsey Quarterly explores ways that individuals can prepare to handle the information rich tools and complex decisions of their new workload. Self-investment in lifelong learning is going to be the key to managing the next disruption in the work place.