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Strategies for Making Partnerships Work (Sandy Jap)

If partnering holds the promise of all things good, why do partnerships and alliances fail so often? Sandy Jap will explore the dark side of partnering relationships:  why “friends” become “enemies” over time, with research insights and case studies from Samsung/Google, Nike/Footlocker and more. Most importantly, she will offer specific recommendations for avoiding problems, revitalizing weakening partnerships, and recognizing when a partnership can’t be saved.

Capturing Customer Loyalty (John Larson)

In work done across a broad series of different industries, including both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, it is found that creating strong levels of customer loyalty leads to greater sales and profit growth. We find that truly loyal customers give you a greater share of their business, are less price-sensitive, are cheaper to serve and are more willing to recommend your products and services to others. For one client we found that their truly loyal customers were over eight times more profitable than their average customer.

This webinar by John Larson will present these findings and then discuss how to handle three critical challenges that companies face when they try to increase customer loyalty.


The Value of Collaboration – For All The Skeptics

Having trouble finding the right colleague for a collaborative partnership? Letting go of control is a stumbling block for even the best of us! This article explores what makes up a true collaboration and how to find an “honest broker” to guide you.

ISBM Academic Newsletter, Volume 10, Issue 2

In this Issue (August 2017):
– Feature: The Thriving Marketer: Creating Relational Capital & Optimism – A Call to Academics to Engage in a Virtual Meeting (Suzanne Lavin)
– IPSS Fall Lineup (Hari Sridhar)
– IPSS 10th Anniversary (Hari Sridhar)
– 2016 Doctoral Support Competition Winners Announced
– Institute Personal Notes

ISBM Academic Newsletter, Volume 10, Issue 1

In this Issue (January 2017):
– Building Lasting Partnerships (Sandy Jap)
– Feature: Marketing In Recessions (Raji Srinivasan)
– From the Membership: Big Talk: Brand 2016 Fall Member’s Meeting (Suzanne Lavin)
– Reflections on the 2016 Institute for the Study of Business Markets B2B Academic Conference
– Highlights from the 2016 PhD Student Camp for Research
– IPSS Update: Spring Lineup (Hari Sridhar)
– BMM-EMAC Conference Announcement