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A Customer-Centric Approach to Ramp Up Your Business (Laura Patterson)

This presentation is from Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing and author of Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth.

For many business leaders growth is the number one mandate. But growth doesn’t just occur – it takes intent and deliberate action. It requires connecting Upstream and Downstream Marketing. Join the conversation with Lynn Yanyo and Laura Patterson as they walk through the Circle of Traction framework, a practical customer-centric framework for navigating and accelerating a sustainable path to organic growth. Catch the conversation as they walk through data-informed insights, operational excellence, and performance management to accelerate growth.


Book: Fast Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth

In Fast-Track Your Business, author Laura Patterson offers step-by-step guidance for acquiring customer insights, creating customer-centric outcomes, and developing strategies and measurable executable plans.

Fast-Track Your Business provides a customer-centric framework for choosing and navigating a sustainable path forward—a system that creates momentum and accelerates organic market growth.


Diagnosing Your B2B Growth (Dan Adams)

What are the top 3 drivers of B2B organic growth? (Hint: B2B-optimized customer interviews is #3). You’ll learn how 24 growth drivers stack up in this AIM Institute research… based on over 10,000 years of professional experience. But which are the right drivers for your company to pursue right now? That’s where this new B2B Growth Diagnostic—a free service for ISBM webcast attendees—comes in. You can benchmark your company on the same 24 growth drivers against average, top quartile and top decile companies. No need to hire a growth consultant: This free research and diagnostic lets you quickly and easily plan the best growth path for your business. Dan Adams of the AIM Institute explains how in this webinar.

Taking The “Hit or Miss” Out of Faster Organic Growth (Bob Lurie)

Watch the presentation “Taking The “Hit or Miss” Out of Faster Organic Growth: Identifying and Changing High Yield Customer Behavior” delivered by Bob Lurie at the March 2018 Member’s Meeting. Five principles to combat slowing growth are discussed during this presentation.

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Organic Growth Demands a Strong Organizational Identity

Much has been written about the importance of understanding the customer journey. B2B companies need to equip their employees with a solid understanding of the company’s purpose in order to be truly customer centric. This two part article in the Gallup Business Journal explores how changing the internal culture can deliver a better experience all around.