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B2B Salespeople Need To Act More Like Travel Agents

Do B2B buyers really want to be left alone? Research in this Harvard Business Review article suggests that there are a lot of frustrated and unhappy B2B buyers out there who could use a little help. By acting like a travel agent, B2B sellers can smooth out the sales process and guide customers to a more satisfying end.

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Resisting Corporate Short-Termism

If you have 5 minutes or 50, check out this McKinsey Quarterly infographic on Short-Termism vs. Long-Termism in corporate culture. If you have the time click on the to articles from the Economist and an in-depth reports from McKinsey.

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Organic Growth Demands a Strong Organizational Identity

Much has been written about the importance of understanding the customer journey. B2B companies need to equip their employees with a solid understanding of the company’s purpose in order to be truly customer centric. This two part article in the Gallup Business Journal explores how changing the internal culture can deliver a better experience all around.

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How More Accessible Information Is Forcing B2B Sales to Adapt

B2B buyers are not longer “information seekers” but have become “super experts”. This Harvard Business Review article explains how B2B sellers need to align their selling approach to the buyer who is increasingly independent and highly informed. Smart sellers will find a solution that is consistent yet customized.

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How AI is Streamlining Marketing and Sales

This article in the Harvard Business Review looks at companies using AI to manage their sales leads in a more prompt and effective way. This small investment can win customer satisfaction by providing personal and helpful attention.

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Putting Lifelong Learning on the CEO Agenda

This article in the latest McKinsey Quarterly explores ways that individuals can prepare to handle the information rich tools and complex decisions of their new workload. Self-investment in lifelong learning is going to be the key to managing the next disruption in the work place.

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The Profitability of Proof

Most companies are not in the business of acting on hunches. Gut feelings aren’t usually the foundation of a growth strategy. But sometimes the evidence is hard to extract or even put to the test. This article from Ivey Business Journal gives guidance for decision makers who are ready to pursue data in a more aggressive and relevant way.

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