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The ISBM Pulse content library contains archived copies of previous member meeting presentations, webinars, courses, articles/reports, and a multitude of other knowledge. This material is freely available for our ISBM members.

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How B2B Sales Can Benefit from Social Selling

Social Selling may be the new platform for your B2B sales force. This Harvard Business Review article provides ways your salespeople can use social media to engage with buyers who don’t want to face a sales pitch. Social Selling is the solution to achieving a more customer-centric experience that adds an element of fun.

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Failing To Innovate

Do business failures generate more creative solutions than successes? This article discusses the direct link between failure and innovation. The new way of doing business involves smart failure that leads to solutions sparked by risk taking.

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What Creativity In Marketing Looks Like Today

As marketers sometimes we feel like we are stuck in a never-ending loop of creation and idea generation. Once you finish one campaign – off to the next! This article in the Harvard Business Review provides a mix of B2C and B2B examples of innovative ways that companies have adjusted to think beyond marketing. Operating like a startup could be the key to staying agile.

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