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C’mon Is There Really Such a Thing as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning (Gerry Katz and Kristyn Corrigan)

Recently, research has shown that computers can extract customer needs and insights from freely available customer-generated online content and even intentionally sought content drawn from surveys, interview transcripts, and customer feedback systems. And it can usually do it faster, cheaper, and better than human beings. This webinar demonstrates how it works, both theoretically and in practice, and will include an actual case example to show how it was used to uncover several never-before-considered, game-changing insights.


Accelerate B2B Conversions with Personalized Engagement and Optimization (Joe Fuster)

B2B customers expect personalized, engaging experiences, but where do you even start?  The growth of AI makes it possible to accelerate B2B conversions by optimizing engagement for your visitors from the moment they hit your website, mobile site, or app.  We will discuss how incorporating artificial intelligence into B2B marketing programs empowers marketers to create more relevant experiences that lead to better conversion rates, tests the content, and measures the impact of online campaigns. 

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The Customer Experience Edge (Volker Hildebrand)

In today’s digital economy information technology is playing a critical role in how companies can gain a competitive edge. The digital transformation is impacting every industry and at the epicenter of this change is the customer experience, which will redefine every company’s business model and how they deliver value. In this session we discuss both technology and (empowered) customers as the driving forces of digital transformation, how it is impacting marketing, sales & service and the entire supply chain. We talk about data as the digital fuel and provide multiple case studies of how companies leverage the latest technologies – including AI, IoT, mobile, cloud – to engage with their customers and gain a customer experience edge.

AI Within Reach: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Making It Work For You (Jessica Fewless)

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all been using artificial intelligence (AI) for years to make our daily lives easier (think Siri). But it wasn’t until recently that Sales and Marketing organizations began realizing the power of AI to drive measurable business outcomes. While surveyed marketers believe AI will be transformative, fewer than 20 percent are actually using AI-powered applications today. All that is about to change and it’ll be easier than you might think. Watch this session with Lisa Ames to see real-life examples of sales and marketing organizations using AI and learn how you can:
– Boost pipeline generation by leveraging AI-powered applications
– Improve alignment by empowering your sales team with AI-driven insights
– Overcome the pitfalls that prevent companies from using AI successfully


How AI is Streamlining Marketing and Sales

This article in the Harvard Business Review looks at companies using AI to manage their sales leads in a more prompt and effective way. This small investment can win customer satisfaction by providing personal and helpful attention.