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VOC in the Age of COV

In the age of COVID-19, should companies still engage in market research? Should companies – perhaps better put, how can companies do market research? Could the current crisis even benefit companies that want to field the voice of the customer? Gerry Katz – Vice Chairman of Applied Marketing Science – is an expert of the topic of VOC (Voice of the Customer). He weighs in on how the COVID-19 crisis affects market research. 

stories matter

Building an Insights Culture in B2B2C (Matthew Rudd)

Many B2B suppliers are seeking the benefits of being more market-driven to aid both product innovation and commercial engagement for their consumer-driven customers.  This presentation is about how Lubrizol is developing an Insights culture and capability through a pragmatic approach, focused on selling and storytelling.


Best Practices for B2B Product Development Market Research (Richard Treitel)

This presentation outlines best practices for B2B product development market research and focuses on market research and its role in customer engagement; the 12 common errors in carrying out B2B market research; B2B market research practices that you can put into effect right away; B2B market research case studies; and a practical roadmap for implementation.