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Image_03_JAM9.20_Learning From the Future Before It Happens_Fahey

Learning from the Future Before it Happens: Marketing as if the Future Mattered (Liam Fahey)

Watch Liam Fahey’s presentation from the September 23rd ISBM JAM Session on Better Decision Making. Liam discusses how to make decisions based on scenario planning taken from the perspective of alternate futures. Liam details how to craft fast-cycle scenarios to address marketplace uncertainty and ambiguity and then how to use them to inform marketing decision making. Special emphasis is placed on shaping and structuring data to create interesting and plausible alternative depictions of how the future might unfold (e.g. alternative industry projections), assessing the implications of alternative futures for current and anticipated decisions, as well as critiquing personal and organizational risk proclivities.

Image_02_JAM9.20_Practical Guidelines for Making Smarter Decisions_Keeney

Practical Guidelines for Making Smarter Decisions (Ralph Keeney)

Watch Ralph Keeney’s presentation from the September 23rd ISBM JAM Session on Better Decision Making. Decision making should be considered your primary management skill, because the only way you can purposefully improve your business is through the decisions you make. Everything else happens beyond your control, due to others’ decisions and happenstance. Your decisions empower you to enhance the quality of your life and to make contributions at work in businesses, organizations, and government. The timeliness and quality of your decisions directly affects others in your businesses, organization and families including resource balancing and allocation. Clearly, your decision-making skills are crucial. Ralph’s presentation describes and illustrates concepts and procedures to enhance the key skills necessary to make smart decisions and avoid the ever-present decision traps that degrade our choices.


The Emotional Component of Decision Making: How to Manage Your Brain to Make More Optimal Decisions (Steven Howard)

Watch Steven Howard’s presentation from the September 23rd ISBM JAM Session on Better Decision Making. Steven discusses how stress and anxiety affect our brain and decision making. Steven shares: How Stress and Anxiety Impact Your Decision Making; The Biggest Mistakes We Make When Facing Hard Decisions; The Role of Unconscious Bias in Decision Making; How to Respond, Not React, When Making Decisions; How to go from Mind Full to Mindful Decision Making; Simple Mindfulness Techniques You Can Use at Work or Home; Why You Need to Start Today to Protect the Long-Term Health of Your Brain

ISBM Academic Newsletter, Volume 13, Issue 2

In this Issue (June 2020):
– Feature: Relaunch of ISBM B2B Pulse (Johanna Slot)
– In Memoriam – ISBM Fellow, Don Schultz
– 2019 ISBM Doctoral Award Winners
– IPSS Update: Fall Lineup
– From the Membership (Lynn Yanyo)


An ISBM Reading List for These Uncertain Times

Earlier this month, during one of the town hall meetings on ‘Marketing in Uncertain Times’, ISBM’s Ralph Oliva shared he was working on a reading list for B2B marketing managers. The reading list, curated by Ralph, is split up into brand new readings, thought-provoking reads, and classics, and includes links to marketplaces. Ralph’s advice: “Many of us collecting a “stack of books” that we are going to “get around to reading”… but the time to do so is always a challenge. Perhaps, you have some additional time now, and maybe you can add some good reading to your current “stay in place” routine.”  

origami pig

Winning Strategies for B2B Marketers Facing Tough (Or Even Easy) Times

During turbulent times when you’re not sure what to do, it helps to remember that this won’t last forever. Step back from the anxiety with action. Gather your data and your teams and prepare to come out on the other side in a stronger position. ISBM B2B Pulse brings you timely (timeless) advice from Director Emeritus, Dr. Gary Lilien. In his article ‘Winning Strategies fro B2B Marketers Facing Tough (Or Even Easy) TImes’, Gary Lilien describes three actions that firms will likely take to come out of this crisis healthier than before.

ISBM Marketing in Uncertain Times_front_Page_01

ISBM Thoughtleadership: Marketing in Uncertain Times

In partnership with EMM Group, the corporate ISBM partner has put together the attached tutorial on how marketers should revisit their plans and rapidly assess the major shifts occurring in your marketplace. As marketers, you are well positioned to exert your value and help shape the near-term direction of your firm. The tutorial references several valuable tools assembled into a toolkit that can be sent to you upon your request. In order to receive the toolkit, respond as instructed in this tutorial. 

ISBM Academic Newsletter, Volume 13, Issue 1

In this Issue (February 2020):
– Feature: The Future of the ISBM (Stefan Wuyts)
– IPSS Update: Spring Lineup
– Call for Nominations: ISBM-David T. Wilson-Sheth Foundation Award for Long Term Impact in B2B Marketing
– ISBM PhD Camp Announcement 2020
– ISBM Academic Conference Announcement and Call for Papers 2020