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The ISBM Pulse content library contains archived copies of previous member meeting presentations, webinars, courses, articles/reports, and a multitude of other knowledge. This material is freely available for our ISBM members.

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AI Within Reach: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Making It Work For You (Jessica Fewless)

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all been using artificial intelligence (AI) for years to make our daily lives easier (think Siri). But it wasn’t until recently that Sales and Marketing organizations began realizing the power of AI to drive measurable business outcomes. While surveyed marketers believe AI will be transformative, fewer than 20 percent are actually using AI-powered applications today. All that is about to change and it’ll be easier than you might think. Watch this session with Lisa Ames to see real-life examples of sales and marketing organizations using AI and learn how you can:
– Boost pipeline generation by leveraging AI-powered applications
– Improve alignment by empowering your sales team with AI-driven insights
– Overcome the pitfalls that prevent companies from using AI successfully

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Impact of Digital on the Sales Force (Mike Ahearne, Thomas Steenburgh)

Experienced marketers know that their sales force can have a greater impact on results than any other element of the marketing mix. The challenge has always been to deploy limited resources efficiently and effectively. Fortunately, today’s digital technologies make it possible to scale diverse resources, enabling the sales force to manage profitability across a wide range of account types and sizes. Few question technology’s pervasive impact on selling and the sales profession. Yet many firms are not adequately positioning their sales organizations for optimal performance in the digital age. This webinar examines the relationship of digital technology and the sales function, while offering specific strategies for leadership to fully leverage technology’s impact. Professors Mike Ahearne and Thomas Steenburgh provide examples of how world class organizations leverage digital capabilities to increase profits and gain competitive advantage, and will describe the shifts sales organizations will be required to make in sales process and training investments.

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The Golden Thread: Creating a Customer Centric Culture (Ed O’Boyle)

B2B companies are struggling to grow organically. The question then becomes: How can companies grow using their current customer bases? Through 80+ years of experience and over 100 million customer interviews, Gallup has developed a unique perspective on the matter. The short answer is that B2B companies can improve by optimizing their customer relationships. During this webinar, Ed O’Boyle, Gallup’s Global Workplace and Marketing Practice Leader discusses how focusing on your entire ecosystem can help unlock new ideas and growth opportunities for your organization.

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Brand Safety (Raji Srinivasan)

Brands want their ads to run against content they’re proud to associate with. But because of the programmatic nature of most digital advertising, brands have been forced to hand over control of ad placement to the algorithms of companies like Google and Facebook. Unfortunately, some brands have been seeing their advertisements placed next to extremist or controversial content just because those pieces are generating a lot of engagement or activity. Companies in every market need to ensure the safety of their brand by assuring the quality and nature of the content that brands are running ads against, some of which may be offensive and hurt the brand’s reputation. This webinar by Professor Raji Srinivasan will highlight strategies that companies can employ to ensure the safety of their brands.

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Customer-based Strategy to Grow Sales (Hari Sridhar)

A 2006 study showed that customer satisfaction is the only metric that predicts sales, market share, gross margin, cash flow, and shareholder return. Yet, a 2017 study of over 70,000 customers showed that managers do a poor job predicting and measuring customer satisfaction. As such, B2B firms invest heavily in strategic initiatives that are not aligned to customer needs. This webinar by Professor Hari Sridhar will present a systematic methodology and multiple B2B case studies to show how B2B firms can use customer‐satisfaction to drive strategic priorities and predict financial outcomes.

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Principles and Best Practices in Brand Portfolio Strategy and Architecture (Mitch Duckler)

Brands represent a company’s most valuable intangible asset, and as such must be managed strategically. This requires developing a thoughtful brand portfolio strategy; one that defines the optimal number, scope and strategic role for each brand within the portfolio. Only then can more tactical brand architecture decisions be made, such as: 1) how brands should relate to one another, 2) when a corporate brand should endorse a product brand, and 3) whether and to what extent visual identity and other expression elements should be shared across brands. This webinar helps participants understand the key components that comprise a brand portfolio strategy, and how these components relate to and inform brand architecture decision-making. In doing so, it leverages best practices, guiding principles, and real-world examples.

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Voice of the Customer (Gerry Katz)

In this 45-minute webinar, Gerry Katz, founder of Applied Marketing Inc., shares with you a preview to his course  (held on October 11th & 12th in Chicago), on the Voice of the Customer. This highly-regarded course is designed to teach attendees how to use Voice of the Customer data to accelerate innovation in business-to-business markets.

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ROI on Digital Marketing (Vince Kostelnik and Neal Rabogliatti)

In this presentation by Vince Kostelnik and Neal Rabogliatti on the ROI on Digital Marketing, you learn:
The importance of selecting the relevant keyword search phrases
How to choose the most effective channels that address your target audience preferences
Aligning websites and the content of each Inbound tactic to Search Engine algorithms to rank on page 1
And a dive into Google Analytics

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Bringing Millennials to Meaning (Nell Derick Debevoise)

Millennials – born between 1981 and 1997 – are the largest generation in the workplace today. They’re at B2B organizations too, and like each generation, they have unique needs, strengths, and expectations from their employers. A driving force in the Millennial character is their ambition to do good and find meaning in their work. They, more than any previous generation, believe that business has a responsibility to do good for society, as well as making money. This tech savvy, entrepreneurial generation is often seen as a challenge for employers, but represents huge potential for innovation and growth if properly engaged. In this one hour webinar, Nell Derick Debevoise discusses how you can take advantage of this Millennial opportunity by helping them find meaning in their work.

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